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Kudos to Askimet for controlling spam comments on this WordPress blog. I am very impress with the function of the spam comment blocker. This is information for my newbie bloggers starting a blog by using WordPress.

The plugin checks each and every comment, pingbacks and trackbacks submitted in your blog and runs critical checks on the Akismet web service to determine whether the comment is a spam or not.  Akismet shows a stats page where you can see more details on the amount of comments blocked, accuracy, dates etc.

I love comments but I can’t deal with ridiculous comments that filter through from time to time. Based on the Askimet graph this is the amount of spam caught. When I first start blogging I was using another brand and the comments were out of control….I literally had to manual go into the dashboard and manually removed every comment, it clogged and slowed down the WordPress blog and eventually it was causing problems that involved getting on the phone with my host to troubleshoot.  Askimet for Spam Comments

Spammers target posts which receive good traffic and you can automatically close comments on posts which are certain days old. Login to your blog’s administration area and go to Settings > Discussion. Next, select the checkbox “Automatically close comments on article older than” and enter the number of days in the text box.

Other ways to reduce spam on your WordPress blog.:

Wp-Ban is a WordPress plugin which can be used to blacklist IP addresses who try to post spam comments in your blog. The plugin checks the IP address of the commentator and if you have already specified the same IP address in plugin settings, the commentator is shown a custom banned message.

As mentioned by Google in their Webmaster central blog, the Recaptcha WordPress plugin is one of the best ways to prevent WordPress spam comments in your blog. Anyone trying to post a comment have to see a graphic and type the words matching the graphic. The spam bots do not have eyes and mind and thus can’t see and read those graphics. Hence they can’t post those intrusive comments.

Disqus- is a third party comment system and moderation tool for your site. It is a third party comment system and moderation tool for your site. There are several benefits in using Disqus. First, they integrate closely with Askimet to reduce spams. Secondly, it help you to reduce your database size as all the comments are stored in their server. Thirdly, it integrates with Facebook, Twitter and OpenID so your readers can easily log in with the minimum hassle. Last but not least, it is free. I will be switching to this comment plugin within the next two weeks!

When you have a site with huge traffic counts and spam counts, you will appreciate how easy Disqus makes your life.

I encourage readers to leave comments and trackbacks to your own blog on this WordPress blog. I would love to hear what you have to say and will respond to most feedback. Go ahead and join the discussion and leave comments. Sign in my comment section with your Facebook or Google password, etc. No password and account information is saved on this blog.

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