Ariana Huffington to Grow A Monster Website and Will Not Be Defeated

ariana 397x530 Ariana Huffington to Grow A Monster Website and Will Not Be Defeated

The cover does not really state the heading as you can see but it should. I was attracted first to the text than the story “Arianna Huffington Will Not Be Defeated” by Vanessa Grigoriadis. Reading headlines stories about Huffpo can make a blogger dream and give them hope. Imagine waking up one day and negotiating with a huge conglomerate that want to buy your blog for $300+ million dollars. Hence, it hasn’t been all peachy for the mastermind, she is at the centre of a legal wrangling with bloggers who claim that they are owed some money from the buyout of the site by AOL having provided the content for The Huffington Post for free. Let not forget the dem folks that claim Huffington stole their website ideal…this story keeps getting interesting. This is why you should not conduct business on an firm or weak handshake.

Huffpo is running an ad for paid internships. Want to win the opportunity to work for Huffpo?

“Are you a crack reporter for your college newspaper? Do you consider yourself an heir to Woodward and Bernstein? Do you live, breathe and sleep journalism? Then you should enter to win the HuffPost Joe Jr. Award!

We here at HuffPost College (along with our co-sponsors at HuffPost Media) have great respect for undergraduate journalism. Some of the best stories we read come from college newspapers, and we want to give this phenomenal work the national platform, recognition and kudos it deserves.”

More information here.

The catch 22 for a struggling journalist college student that already gets by on Ramen noodles to note before applying. Always read the fine print. This particular line stands out.

Prize: One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive a summer internship at the Huffington Post headquarters in New York City June 15-August15, 2012 (dates subject to change). The prize has no retail value. General living expenses, including but not limited to, travel to/from NYC, housing, meals, ground transportation, etc., are NOT included in the prize and are the sole responsibility of the winner.
All specifics of the prize are in Sponsor’s sole discretion. Winner is responsible for paying any applicable income taxes and any and all other costs and expenses not listed above and incurred in claiming or using the prize. Any prize details not specified above will be determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion. A prize may not be transferred and must be accepted as awarded.

On a recent Sunday afternoon, ­Arianna Huffington, the 61-year-old editorial director of the newly merged AOL–Huffington Post, gathers a group of children around her on a white rug, reading a series of stories. Her outfit—tuxedo jacket, sensible pants, hair lightened to the color of Donald Trump’s and with a similarly distinctive swirl—is a little more formal than the event, a spa open to the public, calls for today, but in every other way this “oasis,” as she puts it, is a reflection of Huffington’s habits: a “cell-phone check” at a concierge desk (a sign encourages guests to “give your phone a boost while you unplug inside”), blue yoga mats rolled up in a bin (“I do yoga every morning”), a chef making smoothies with names like You’ve Got the Beet, and a buffet with Greek yogurt—“the best in the world,” she explains, pushing it forward. “Eat. My mother used to say if you didn’t eat every twenty minutes, there was something wrong with you.” Read more about Huffington..


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