Who Have You Appointed “Power Of Attorney?”

 Who Have You Appointed Power Of Attorney?

It has been a hell of a week visiting a sick parent in the hospital and watching a spouse of 50 years attempting to retrieve medical records was a rude awakening for me. It had me thinking about my own spousal privilege and rights, my children and other family members rights in the event of an life event. HIPPA has changed the way business is conducted in hospitals and anywhere else it deems fit to protect a client, patient and customers privacy. Not one to bash my people but when it comes to dealing with paperwork and funerals I find that African Americans are the most unaware people and the last to know a little to late. When you are married as long as my Mom and Dad you would think that the spousal privilege applies and pertains to everything involving medical, money and estate but not to some hospitals. They don’t give a rats ass about you and your spousal privilege. All they care about is your name on this paperwork. It all started when they ask Mom did she have power of attorney and she sat there looking dumb founded. Their granddaughter was in the background seething and containing her anger because she wasn’t getting the results that she had hope for while poor old Dad was laying in his hospital bed fighting for his life after suffering two mini strokes. I was sitting there speechless and flipping through a magazine because I knew that you could screamed, cursed, threaten to sue and you still was not getting anything from the hospital medical record department. The hospital administrator refused to talk, discuss and release any medical records for my mother to order 14 days after his release. Now I was getting an education myself and called my husband who simply thought thousand of individuals in this country who are married, have family members who care for their elderly parent and children, life partner and god only knows whom ever I did not add to this list just have privileges because you say your the appointed person to care for that individual. All that walking in the hospital talking about that is my love one and I am here to handle their business is yesterday news and is no longer tolerated. Identity theft and shady folks simply made it extremely difficult for folks to obtain anything pertaining to private information. The Power of Attorney form is free, easy to complete and than you get it notarized, file it and pull that baby out when the time calls for it. This form is like having health, home and life insurance; it should file right alongside those items. Who freakin knew……this years focus should be about getting paperwork in order, there is nothing worse than waiting until a life event takes place and you are standing there with your tail between your legs. Not a cute look at all!

Needless to say having a conversation with a doll that relies solely on her husband for everything and her strong willed 92 year old mother is extremely stressful. It makes you want to slap them both awake and shake them all at the same time. Can’t do that to Mom and granny though but my goodness….clueless with a capital C! Makes me not to want to pick up my phone but I know that would be wrong but jeez. When I got home I was thrilled to learned that Steve Harvey: Still Trippin was on BET. What a huge treat. Man let me tell you I laugh my ass off and needed to know that I ain’t the only one who got weird relatives with hood issues and that being human sometimes is just plain funny. Dude is seriously funny and race don’t mean squat to him.  He jokes about everyone and everybody. Must see comedy! In the meantime grab this form and fill it out! Ain’t life just simply grand..

Power Of Attorney Form Word Document

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