AirBnB: There Is A Stranger Spending The Night

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AirBnB launched last August and has accommodations in 1,108 cities in 77 countries, including more than 870 properties in New York. They hope to have more rooms than the Hilton. Anyone can post a lodging on the website, and any renter can take them up on their offer. The hosts are individuals individuals and rental management companies, couples, singles, brothers, best friends, artist, musicians, non profit workers. The guest are equally diverse: European newlyweds, Australian journeymen, American families, a Washington wekender. Some of the properties appear on multiple websites, such as Roomorama and FeelNYC; others are exclusive to Airbnb. Prices start at youth hostel levels and rise though most are $150 and less.

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I have to admit that some of the rooms look fantastic based on AirBnB slide show on their website. I ask my husband if he would be interest in listing our home as a place for folks to camp out at night. He looked at me like I lost my mind…the thought of a stranger coming to lay their head under the same roof doesn’t sit too well with the man of the house. He simply could not fathom the thought of handing our house keys to a stranger. Who knows one day we might just go bed hopping to experience the thrill of living for a day in NY City.


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