$350 Million Blog Purchased for $315 Million Dollars

It is alleged that Huffington Post a blog created by Arianna Huffington worth a staggering $350 million was stolen. Democratic political consultants Peter Daou and James Boyce want their blog and they are going to court. This is why folks should take care of the legal paperwork behind the scenes before the blog starts to grow and the vultures come for dinner.

Well not to be outdone by the naysayers….Arianna Huffington has the last laugh and blogged her way straight to the bank. The blog Huffington Post has been aquired for acquired for $315 million dollars by AOL.This is every bloggers dream to grow into a conglomerate that has folks knocking at the door to merge.

Arianna co-founded the Huffington Post in 2005 and built it into a profitable $30 million business over six years.  In the process, she helped create 200+ jobs, raise $35+ million of capital, and build a nationally recognized brand.

I am impressed by Huffington’s blog accomplishment. This is an incentive for bloggers everywhere to continue blogging.

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