Young Women Embrace Grey Head of Hair

kelly Young Women Embrace Grey Head of Hair

Kelly Osborne

Yeah, yeah…young woman are embracing a head of grey hair? Something about it makes the youngsters look fashionable because of their young dewey makeup  skin? What?  Hmmm….who the hell know but one thing is for certain. Women do grey and get grey strands after the age of 30 years old. Perhaps this so call new trend is a way to transition into the a head of grey hair? I’ve been going grey since 14 years old. Ain’t nothing wrong with a head of grey hair as long as the strands are healthy. Men have been sporting their grey strands forever. Cooper Anderson and Keith Olberman comes to mine. HOT silver fox men.  It is about time women figured it out…throw away the chemicals and free themselves. Kelly Osbourne: ‘My mum hates my grey hair. Maybe because her mum is stuck on dying her hair……age ain’t nothing but an number but hair has a life of it’s own. Ask a lot of women why they dye their hair? Probably because they are not ready to embrace their grey strands….hmmmmm. Joan Rivers, Betty White and Oprah could answer this question more honestly than any young woman or women in my age group. Those three dolls are women that probably own stock in an dye bottle but would look lovely as silver fox grey strand dolls. Justsaying….

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