White Man thinks White Women Suck!

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This statement was conveyed at the end of  the discussion about “black love” today on the “Jamie Foxx, “The Foxxhole morning show which aired at 10:00 am on Satellite radio. These are not my words; they are the words of a white dude who alleges that he will only date non black and women of other nationalities. This white man thinks “White Women Suck” is actually a blog that exist with a lot of his own commentary. There are blog readers who may say that this is his own personal opinion. I have to say my first thought when I heard about the “White Women Suck” blog this morning was pure curiosity to read this blog.

I have not cross paths during my lifetime of any white man who blatantly put down a white women in this type of forum. Being a dark skinned brown women all my life I have had discussions of skin color amongst my own family and friends. Some of these discussion where with white folks too! I can’t change the color of my skin if I wanted to….WYSIWYG has always been my mantra to live by. I was raised by a very strong legion of black women that did not think less of themselves because of the color of their skin. Quite frankly my family and I never really discussed what it would be like to be white. There are times I do think I was passed over for a job position and times I thought my chances in this world are limited based on my skin color. There are instances where how your treated by society is based on stereotypical views and opinions which are based on the media depiction of a particular race. There is discrimination among your own race of people and it doesn’t matter what color are because we all been through it on some level. I was taught that your beautiful from the inside out and that beauty fades eventually. When I came across anyone I suspect who act and hinted a scintilla of discrimination; I ignore them. You can feel when someone is out of pocket with their altitude towards you no matter what your skin color, all nationalities have had their share of discrimination. Some folks hearts are darker than my skin color and don’t know any better.

The “White Women Suck” blog does open up a serious debate about issues that have persisted in Hollywood and in the world for ages in regards to casting white women for leading roles. Black women have not been highly favored in the past for leading lady roles, front covers of magazines, top level management roles, executive roles, and the list goes on. I do wonder if the altitude and the mentality of folks will change now that there is a black family in the White House that is being lead by a black man? Discussing race is a controversial topic despite the country coming together and getting all touchy feely during the election process while President Barack Obama ran for the most powerful job in the country. The issues related to racism did not change overnight because a black man was elected. Tension still run across all racial groups and it may increase now that this country is suffering from the worst economic crisis since the depression.

:cry:  It is interesting that tons of jobs are being lost, people are losing their homes due to foreclosures and the stock market is tumbling every day on Wall Street. Is this because of a black man being elected?  What is being revealed in alarming numbers are that white people are being robbed by their own group of people. Scam artist are coming out of the woodwork’s. Sit back and reflect for a moment about the last month since President Barack Obama has taken office. How does a white dude get away with stealing over $50 billion dollars right from underneath people noses? The SEC ignored the complaints of a white man that tried to give them the 411 at least 5 times about the Madoff fraud taking place. He is not the only one either, there are scams being reported all over Google. The real estate industry nose dived overnight, mortgage companies scammed working class people at the height of a flourishing market, gas and oil prices rising and companies that have been in existence since slavery failing all of sudden. It is time for this country to get over this racial bullshit and stop getting distracted by the color of folks skin. The next generation will not survive….if we can’t come to grips with the color of peoples skin. I told my son yesterday that he better keep his eye on the ball because his future is at stake. Money will be non existent if our country doesn’t get out of the mess we all created with issues like discrimination, poverty, mismanagement of credit, banks closing, CEO receiving million dollar salaries for their performance that is questionable, poor health care; and a very disturbing unequal distribution of wealth and opportunities for all people. It is a doggone shame that the most powerful country in the world still struggle with racism, the color of people’s skin and now we are on the verge of a depression due to the economic crisis that President Barack Obama inherited from the previous administration. A trillion dollar deficit, a financial crisis, and a costly recession just waiting for him the first day in office. I was blogging about the dude who think “White Women Suck” but than I started thinking about all of the white men who have rob the coffers of people and may have contribute to the economic crisis.

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  • geekgirl

    Thanks for the feedback and exposing this young lady hidden agenda. Can you please send me a link to your website. I am not sure if I have the correct link. Yes it was a typo…thanks for pointing that out to me. :*

  • Tsmithers2457

    Total bullshyt, white men love white women you fool. I am not even white and I know this, I just don’t like people trying to start crap. Yeah just like any other race of people you get a small percent who are losers and thieves but most white people are hard working good people. Hell I’m black and most of my people are in jail or whatever but I not going to play this game cause in truth most white dudes I know are with white girls.

    • http://thephotographer4you.com thephotographer4you

      You should leave this comment on the blogger website were this content originated…I would not know if White Men think white women suck?