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chanel WATCH | Victoria Secret Fashion Show I missed watching the Victoria Secret fashion show which aired on November 30, 2010. If it was not for the internet I would miss a lot of the fashion and music award shows. I like Victoria Secret….they just sent me a birthday gift. My birthday is on New Year’s Eve….which gives a reason to celebrate extra hard with my family and wear beautiful lingerie and underwear. I have purchased a few pieces of lingerie and Miraculous bras from Victoria Secret. The lingerie can take the frequent washing and wearings. Unlike wearing a hole in a sweater…it is recommended that women and men rotate the undergarments from time to time. Did I mention the Miraculous bras are not bad either. Everything fits…no complaints from this sister girl!

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Most of the time I watch videos for the purpose of viewing what is current in terms of hair styles, colors the models are wearing and I am always amazed at each model gorgoeous skin. Any women who is parading around with damn near all of her clothes off on a catwalk better have damn near perfect skin and a well toned body. I am just saying it is easier on the eyes and the mind appreciates beauty in all colors. The fashion industry seems to be a major production and it is interesting watching the performances…plus the music is hot!

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