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Since everybody n their momma want to talk big shit bout mi sister. I am going to swing n spew mi two cents. 

I was listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show this morning. I listen to mi boos every day n have the nerve to get a attitude if I oversleep. Sheryl Underwood was apologizing to the masses about her comedic hair commentary. I listened intently to her tone and felt like something was off about her voice. She was not her usual joyful self. I felt like she wanted to cry…mi big sis held it together though. The doll sounded tearful. I can hear it in her voice. I would have been a slobbering mess….oh well. I am a cry baby. Celebrity is a beast. WHOA!

Hmmmmmm….folks got their panties in a bunch cause doll spewed about saving nappy hair. I can only guess the audience that went in about the hair comments….YURP!

What we not gonna do is fake nor be fake. Nah mane ain’t nobody saving dead hair. What is going on our society that folks attack others when they are on a platform? Being themselves n a joyful manner? Who are those people that spew such self righteousness deets? Who?

I love Sheryl Underwood. YURP…absolutely do n she could spew whatever n I still would rep for her. Nah mane….hypocrites I say with this nonsense. Some of these folks coming for mi big sister wig is on some asinine bullshit.

I missed that whole conversation about nappy hair. Quite frankly all natural hair is nappy n dead despite your ethnicity. Who lied to folks.

Sheryl Underwood I love you doll. Keep your head up sister. Who is messing with mi sister? Fall back nappy head dolls n dudes. Yeah I said it n I am not taking it back. NOPE!

Now I can not believe I am responding to this commentary. At the end of the day….dat is mi sister n I will be damn if I don’t give my two cents. Who are these hateful bitches coming for mi big sister wig? Fall back hateful crabs in a barrel bitches.

WTF? Typical of dysfunctional folks to spew about asinine shit but ask them same peeps about real current events. MUM!

Get your head in check before you spew asinine shit. Mi boo has stans too. Really…really….really now. NEXT. Grow on doll!

Soror did not stan for ole girl. Huh….ask mi boo doll how dat soror shit went when she needed support. > Rae Lewis-Thornton went through a similar experience. SWINE biddy boos n mofos showed their asses. NEXT! GROW ON!!!!

Now I know why n glad I did not pledge. Fucking assholes.

Hell to the nah. NOPE. You is loved…KNOW THAT Sheryl Underwood’s Fan Page. I hear the genuine pain in your voice this morning on the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Made me #PAUSE n think bout some things. > Nah sis @sherylunderwood betta recognize doll you have stans. GROW ON! Watching n listening from behind the gate. Pick your ass up n keep it moving. “Boo F*ckem Hoo”. (Actual FB group) Since everybody n their momma want to talk big shit bout mi sister. I am going to swing n spew mi two cents. <Now we got dat out the way. What you not gonna do is keep apologizing to asinine people. I was screaming at the radio this morning. HELL NAH…dem peeps lucky it was not me. I would have been having a different conversation. Dem peeps would have said “cut”, “cut”….dis woman is certifiably crazy. Uh huh….now grow on with your beautiful black self. I listen to you. You have a fan that stans for the deet. Throw dat ish in the trash….where they do that at…ain’t nobody saving dead hair.) HA! icon surprised @sherylunderwood NOPE > I Am Not My Nappy Hair

All dead hair can do for you is:

  • Keep predators out your garden.
  • Witch craft I read about.
  • Clog up a drain in the crib.
  • Look dreadful if not trimmed.
  • A snippet of hair is tested for DNA and drugs. That could be deep if one committed a crime. HA!
  • Watch were you leave a strand of hair. Ummmm…I would hate to be you if you caught up in some asinine shit!!! UMPH!

There is absolutely no reason to save dead hair. Burn it is what dem old folks use to tell me. Whatever you do. Do not give the wrong person your dead locks n make sure no one get a hold of a snippet that is evil.

Note this> just like the Presidents has gatekeepers. So do celebrities. You have to be the sort of person to tell folks to fuck off n suck a goddamn rock n get the stepping son of mofos n biddy boos. NEXT! Ain’t nobody has time for that dyfunctional n asinine scully wag bullshit n nonsense. UMPH!

What it do boo? Huh….oh seriously folks saying what they want to folks. Intimidation n what not…and nobody suppose to spew back? Where they do dat at. Who are these people that believe folks are suppose to response in a cult like manner? HUH? WHO? WHAT? Now see mi was minding mi business until I read some asinine deet on the social media threads in the wee hours of this morning. I did the time out thingy but hell to the nah…..who are these people that continuously spew hateful commentary, think they’re snatching someone wig, clawing at folks on a high platform n whatnot? WHO?


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