World’s Most Expensive Diamond iPhone Case

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For folks who have excess money  to spend. This item is obviously made for for wealthy People with money to Spend on frivolous material items. I can’t fathom the thought of a working class individual purchasing such an overpriced wallet for their iPhone. Seriously, there has got to be better things to spend ones hard earn money on beside a wallet or am I just hating because I can’t go out and buy one…..:

Designer Davide De Nizza of Milan in collaboration with artist Stuart Hughes of Liverpool has created the world’s most luxurious and most expensive wallet for the iPhone dubbed the iPhone Tamara Runge Edition. The hand-crafted wallet is made from python and carries 46 grams of 18 carat solid gold and for the added effect 35 flawless diamonds complete the masterpiece. It also features 40 percent nubuck inside, 40 percent python bianco roccia and 20 percent croco slow brown along with a signature single 3 carat cut flawless diamond. Limited to just three versions, the exclusive wallet is priced at $96,900.

Check out Stuart Hughes for exclusive gadgets.

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