iPad Printing | Did You Know It Does Not Print?

Nope! Did you know that sweet gadget that most Apple geeks are salivating and drooling over, stood in line for and put off paying a bill to get their own iPad does not print a document? The iPad comes with no printer drivers and has no capability whatsoever for printing.

We knew it does not allow flash but now I am learning that the gadget does not print either. Jeez…..what an expensive paperweight!

According to the alleged experts Apple wanted to make sure the iPad stayed stable, but that’s one feature that destroys the premise of the iPad as a replacement computer for people who just want a simple computer to read email, use Facebook, Twitter, and browse. Oh yeah…..this information sounds like something that should have been mentioned to the consumer during all the media marketing hype.

By the way it also limits the iPad’s use in government and enterprise. To bring documents into the iPad, the primary mechanism is iTunes.

This makes this new shiny large iPhone a gadget that some people in no time will find extremely useless unless Apple can find a fix by the second generation release of the iPad.

PrintCentral provides printing services for the iPad (and iPhone). It’s $9.99  is an additional cost but it may solve the printing from your iPad.

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