iHome Keyboard and iHome Speaker for the iPad

key 397x530 iHome Keyboard and iHome Speaker for the iPad

iHome Keyboard and iPad © Delores Randall

The day after Christmas I went to Walmart to purchase a couple of iPad accessories. I must admit I am a bit salty about the iHome Keyboard purchase…….

This is my finding based on my Review:

I was excited to be able to use the iHome keyboard but after a couple of hours I begin to realize a few things that did not match the description on the box.


According to the iHome Bluetooth keyboard case for iPad 2 on the back of the box and based on my first hand experience.

  • It contains “dual USB charging cord.” The box only contains a cord to charge the keyboard from a regular computer USB port.
  • The iHome Bluetooth Keyboard is for the iPad 2. Nah mane….
  • The case completely blocks the rear camera  which requires you to take the iPad 2 out of this case to use that camera. The iHome Bluetooth keyboard is designed for the iPad 1 that doesn’t have rear camera.
  • The keyboard has very limited control for iPad 2 functions  that only allowing typing, limited copying and pasting. Can not close an application, tab to a selection box and scroll pages, all of these functions can only be done manually by touching the screen.
  • The cost for this purported cool keyboard is $69.99 at Walmart.
  • Returning to the store and still searching for a replacement keyboard. Right now I am not clear nor certain which external keyboard works with the iPad 2….the jury is still out. It would be easy to write up a list of keyboards but I have not personally tried them therefore I can not give an honest assessment of the iPad keyboards on the market. I need to test drive iPad keyboards to find the best external keyboard that is fully functional.
plastic iHome Keyboard and iHome Speaker for the iPad

iHome Speaker

The iHome iDM1 listed price in Walmart $19.99

  • Excellent audio output
  • Portable
  • Can be used with any Headphone jack
  • Small and can fit in a backpack or large purse
  • Battery Stereo speaker system for iPad, iPhone, iPod or other audio devices


Disclaimer: Please note I am not paid to endorse or test drive any of the suggest products listed above. In the next couple of weeks I will write a review about the iPad. I am still test driving my purchased unit. I am not certain how I feel about the gadget…I will say that I love the portability of an iPad but it does not replace my desktop and laptop units. Cool gadget though…..wonderful tool for working on the go: the iPad is lighter than laptops. 

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