iGotaBigAssPocket Pants for iPad

000001276d7b74f461bdb621007f000000000001.igotabigasspocket iPad iGotaBigAssPocket Pants for iPad

The OhNo!Doom designer team has designed those pants to satisfy the needs of the market when new iPad arrives in stores. The message that is written on the photo says enough: The iPad ‘game changer’ requires from you to change your pants. iGotaBigAssPocket pants should cover all of your MyiPadPwnsYouriPhone-style needs.

The OhNo!Doom designers claim that they do not plan to produce this apparel line for any market, yet. They explained that their intention was ‘to bring the idea to life and send a message about the future of mobile devices and its portability by combining fashion with funtion’.

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