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iphoneatt Email Bag | AT&Ts New iPhone & iPad PlanThanks sista girl: Lisa for the CNN headline…you know I want the 411 and live for the deets w anything concerning this metal gadget called iPhone. I love my iPhone, don’t you? I love the fact that I can surf the Internet, check email and download as much data that my waking eyes will allow..that my peeps is about to change because you know all good things in life that appears to be free will come to an abrupt end. YUP! AT&T is tired of giving away free data and allowing folks to surf to their hearts content. It has effected their bottom line and they can’t make any money off of folks downloading and uploading unlimited data…it was good while it lasted.

Why is this important? Because of the stop to unlimited data plans….YUP! Now I understand why some folks held out from renewing their data and contract plans when it came up for renewal. Go figure….Apple iPad, new changes to AT&T plan and who knows whats going to come down the pipeline? This is more about the have and have nots….what plan will you go with the new changes set to go in force as I type this blog post? We are all hook on a cellphone at this point…unless you plan on going back to the old modes of communication, you will bite the bullet and dollar up for the new plans that will hit your paperless or paper bill soon. The last time I check there were not many pay phones on a street corner…Oh well! I think I will check my plan billing soon! Family plan anyone? Expect more announcements to rollout as Apple plans to takeover the industry! Windows were are you folks? Us loyal fan of windows are about to get swallowed up in this Apple bath takeover……you were once my best friend but an “Apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

NEW YORK ( — AT&T announced new 3G pricing plans Wednesday that will make iPhone and iPad bills less expensive for most customers, but will also put a stop to unlimited data plans.

Under the new pricing scheme, 3G data service for AT&T smart phones (including the iPhone) will cost $15 a month for 200 megabytes. If customers download more than 200 MB, they will be charged an additional $15 for each subsequent 200 MB that they download.

New iPhone plan
Data New Old
200 MB $15 $30
400 MB $30 $30
600 MB $45 $30
2 GB $25 $30
3 GB $35 $30

New iPad plan
Data New Old
250 MB $15 $15
2 GB $25 $30
3 GB $35 $30

For iPad customers and heavier smart phone users, AT&T will start offering a $25-per-month plan for 2 gigabytes of data. Under that plan, if customers exceed their allotment, they will be charged $10 a month for each additional gigabyte of data that they use.

Previously, AT&T charged a $30-per-month flat fee for unlimited data for both the iPhone and the iPad, as well as their other smart phones. AT&T will continue to offer a $15-a-month 250 MB plan for iPad users. The new pricing schemes will begin June 7.

The end result? Most customers will reap monthly savings of $5 to $15.

Roughly 65% of AT&T’s smart phone customers use less than 200 MB of data per month and 98% use less than 2 GB, according to the company. Those percentages are likely a bit lower for iPhone and iPad users who tend to be heavier downloaders than other smart phone users.

“We’re breaking free from the traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ pricing model and making the mobile Internet more affordable to a greater number of people,” said Ralph de la Vega, president of AT&T’s mobile unit, in a statement.

Analysts say said the lower pricing tiers could help bring in new customers.

“We could be looking at a lot more people adopting the iPhone because of a much lower total cost of ownership,” said Hugues De La Vergne, principal research analyst at Gartner.

End of unlimited

But the announcement also means the end of unlimited data, a move that was not unexpected but dreaded by many heavy data users.

Since the iPhone debuted in the summer of 2007, AT&T’s data service has grown by a staggering 5,000%, far exceeding the company’s forecasts by several orders of magnitude, according to AT&T. Though AT&T has largely been able to manage that growth by making billions of dollars of network improvements across the nation, 3G service in New York and San Francisco is notoriously touch and go.

Analysts said it was just a matter of time before the company unveiled a tiered data plan that would force the small number users at the high end to pay more for the data that they download. Some experts have speculated that ending unlimited fees would reign in some data use to help AT&T unclog its network. And other networks will likely follow suit soon.

“The problems AT&T had with its network will soon be seen on other networks with unlimited plans. Those other networks will have to do something to cap the usage of people who are using the highest amounts of data,” said De La Vergne.

Some customers won’t like the new changes, especially iPhone users who love to get the full use out of their devices. For many cell phone users, 200 MB sounds like a lot: According to AT&T, 200 MB equals about 1,000 emails without attachments, 150 emails with attachments, 400 Web pages, posting 50 photos to social media sites, and 20 minutes of streaming video combined. But for heavier iPhone users, that’s just days worth of data.

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