Cool iPhone and iPad Applications

 Cool iPhone and iPad Applications

This Mobile Mouse application is the top of my growing list of installed iphone applications to have on my iPhone. the iPad and the buzz about it being the next “It” item to have in your repertoire collection of technical gadgets to own will soon die down and until the frenzy stabilize itself at retail andonline……there are still very cool iphone applications soon to be available for your new iPad.

Our first product is a screenwriting application that allows professionals and hobbyists alike to write complete movie and TV screenplays directly on the iPhone.

Manuscript is the perfect companion to every writer, allowing you to outline and edit a short story, an essay, a scientific article or even a full book, right on your iPhone.

Our first entertainment app lets you use your own photos to create stunning Matryoshka dolls, also known as Russian nested dolls.

Netflix will be on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch: Coming soon

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