WTF Moment | Laurence Fishborne Finally Speaks To Montana

Montana Fishburne has been on the promotional beat spewing nonsense about her father reciprocating with her decision to become a porn star wannabee. Oh Really! Montana is clearly delusional if she thought father Fishburne was going to agree with her career choice. What father wants his daughter ass up in the air having sex for money, spread eagle on the internet and legs hitting the ceiling moaning while Johny come lately is using his daughter for his own gain? None that I know of.……I am glad that Mr. Laurence Fishborne told her the truth! WTF was she thinking….sista girl could not have thought for one second this was going to be a celebratory and welcoming union with her father. No way!

Montana Fishburne tells TMZ … she called daddy Laurence Monday for the first time since she unveiled her plan to enter the world of porn … and he was none too happy.

She told website that her dad plainly said their relationship was over. “I’m not going to speak with you ’till you turn your life around.”

 WTF Moment | Laurence Fishborne Finally Speaks To MontanaMontana moved out of her father’s house before finishing high school and into the home of her pimp Jeremy Greene, aka “j.Pipes”. According to friends of the couple, Jeremy has been pimping Montana out on the street for years and has always dreamed of having a career in porn. He was the one who introduced her to Brian Pumper who stars in and produced first porn – a tape released before her XXX film with Vivid Entertainment was shot. “You embarrassed me,” Fishburne said to his daughter. 
”You used your last name. No one uses their real name in porn.” I am sure the conversation went something like this and he was yelling into the phone.: WTF were you thinking? How the hell you gonna embarrass my last name and the family child? When you get your shit together holla back and hung up the phone…….#JUSTSAYING Montana knew what her father reaction would be about her choice in a career would not be gladly welcome nor accepted into his household. Any parent in their right mind will not gladly welcome drug dealing, prostitution, porn, anything that would have the FBI tearing down the door. Why do you think Montana kept it hush hush and the audacity to allow her father to learn about her decision via the airwaves. Girl should be ashamed of herself. Like I said before….I will gladly purchase a teeshirt with Fishburne’s name on the front and on the back that read ” Looking to Beat A Pimp’s Ass for Turning My Daughter Out!”
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