Bro: What if You Were Locked in a Basement? For 10 Years Straight. Molested. Raped and Locked Up? HUH?


God has a plan for all of us. I believe Charles Ramsey is living based on “God’s divine purpose for his life”. That my brothers and sisters makes him a genuine human being. His act had nothing to do with appearances, his station in life nor his fear. He acted the way he was suppose to…that is what I commend this brother for. Anyone with their lame jokes, asinine comments about this brother courageous act should be ashamed of themselves…cause what if that was you that needed to be rescue? Wouldn’t you want someone to notice your scream.

I do not find “ANY” fodder entertaining nor funny. Enough already…pay attention sheeple. Cause that could have been you. Makes me wonder about the Investigation Discovery series about The Usual Suspects. HA!

Enough with the jokes, asinine jokes and all the okey dokey bullshit. This story give folks hope for those individuals that has lost loved ones missingo on the milk cart. Justsaying….this is a very unique story. I get dude was chilling in his crib. Not expecting anything to pop off in his hood…chilling and eating his lunch from McDonalds. Like really…who has not had a bad hair day?

  • Can you imagine lasting 10 years locked up without seeing daylight?
  • Snatched off the street while minding your business.
  • Your mother dies while you’re in captivity?
  • Locked up without “ANY” human being knowing you were still living?
  • Quite frankly, I understand what dude is saying about being a black man and a white woman jumping in his arms.
  • This is not television. This is reality happening or could be potentially be happening right next door to you.
  • F all that meme ish. Oh really now. Ain’t nobody got time for dat.
  • I am sure dude was surprise. Was not feeling no drama in his everyday life.
  • I like Charles Ramsey…he is real folks. Quite frankly that could be my cousin, my BFF or peeps. You heard!
  • Fire that (operator) “moron”, imbecile that answered the “911″ emergency call. Like really…..who are these people that answer the phone on the emergency hotline?
  • What is interesting about this interview. Mainstream America is not accustom to dealing with this type of individual. Trust me. Most folks want to believe blacks, white and other ethnic working class folks are on some asinine shit. We suppose to turn the other cheek. NOT! The true story being reported on the streets.
  • Notice: Cooper Anderson do not have his glasses, Yeah…OK. This is not no shit he really want to see…this is a dude, a cat that has reported on war zones and third world countries. Yeah OK. Anderson….oh seriously. Hmmmmm?????
  • The media don’t know how to handle this case. Charles Ramsey is a different bird. YURP!
  • Charles Ramsey could be my relative, your cousin or the neighbor hood cat or doll! Betta recognize….I hear Mr. Ramsey.
  • Folks locked into the superficial reality television  None of those producers are on the front line aka the real streets. Ummmm….they got shit to hock and sale. F that….let deal with reality in the hoods for a moment…shall we?

Note: If you every been arrested, had to call into a police station to state a emergency. Ummmm….trust me. The force is on some different shit and they are totally the “boys in blue” aka “code. If you’re not one their own. You ass out!


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