WATCH | Dr. Laura Schlessinger Quitting: “Losing First Amendment Rights”

hqdefault WATCH | Dr. Laura Schlessinger Quitting: Losing First Amendment Rights

Unlike the weird group that beat up Tila Tequila and went on Youtube letting the world know how they really feel. Dr. Laura Schlessinger quits the controversial show that made her rich as long as folks were in agreement with her show. Damn that was quick and an easy exit…heading to the door? She states that she does not have a freedom of speech…she lost her right to speak her doggone mind.  Schlessinger doesn’t feel like bowing down to advertisers who monitor her first amendment rights….basically she is sick of acting like she love her job with a bunch of wankers and been tired of kissing folks ass to keep a damn job. The image that comes to mind for me is her giving folks the middle finger as she exits. We thought we heard her say nigger nine-twelve times, just wait until we all read and listen to  Schlessinger let loose on the internet. Honestly I don’t give a damn…..just another conversation that is an another distraction and to rile folks up. What about getting rile up about unemployment in this country?  Schlessinger had a WTF moment…..her and whole lot of folks are having some serious WTF public meltdown moments. We thought those moments were only for the misfits of the world. She won’t be the last and trust me, folks are tired of walking around wearing fake faces with a smile set in plaster. Especially really grown folks… I don’t know who lied to black people that niggers where just black people? Senator Robert Byrd says there are “white niggers” and he seen a lot more of them in his lifetime. Watch the video.

SCHLESSINGER: This is — yes. Yes, we’ve added five stations this week and we added sponsors. This is not an issue of I’m losing anything. You and I were — anointed as, in the top seven of the most important radio hosts in America. I just got nominated for a Marconi, had great ratings.

This is not an issue of hiding, running, collapsing or quitting.

KING: So, if you’ve added sponsors, although we get, this group that was after you, “Media Matters” –

SCHLESSINGER: Well, that’s their job in life.

KING: They said Motel 6 stopped advertising.

SCHLESSINGER: This proves my point.

KING: Netflix, OnStar, they’re going to distance themselves, Advanced Auto Parts. But if you’ve added new sponsors –

SCHLESSINGER: And I’ve also added sponsors.

KING: So, where have you lost freedom of speech? You can say whatever you like and they can criticize and they can try to take you –

SCHLESSINGER: Larry, you’re missing the point.

KING: I am?

SCHLESSINGER: Living with a constant fear of affiliates and sponsors being attacked is very distracting. It’s — it’s — the list that you just made. I didn’t even know about that. I knew about Motel 6. I didn’t know about the rest of that.

But I expected it to happen because these companies are in the business are in business. They’re supporting their own families. They’re supporting other families. They don’t want to be in the middle of controversy. They want to be doing their business.

So, it’s not a matter necessarily of them agreeing with the special interest group. It’s a matter of them wanting to skirt the problems. I don’t need –

KING: Who is the special interest group?

SCHLESSINGER: Well, like “Media Matters” and some of the other groups that have lined up to decide that I should be silenced because they disagree with my points of view. I never called anybody a bad word. I was trying to bring — and obviously, it has become a national discussion now — I was trying to make a philosophical point and I made it wrong.

But I wasn’t dissing anybody. I was trying to make a point. And for that to say I should be silenced is the reason that I’m saying to you, I obviously am losing First Amendment rights.

KING: You agree, though, that’s a horrible word?

SCHLESSINGER: Yes, and I policed myself.

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