WARNING | Pushy Fliers Beware of TSA’s New Policy

tsa 2 WARNING | Pushy Fliers Beware of TSAs New PolicyWhile traveling to Colorado last week I read an article posted by the USA Today newspaper about pushy fliers showing up on TSA’s radar. A summary of the article is outline in this blog post. My interpretation is that a pushy and disgruntled passenger may find themselves in a little known Homeland Security database, delayed, forced to miss their flight and escorted to a jail cell. The Transportation Security Administrations states that it will keep records of folks who make their screeners feel threatened, scared of your presence or simply uncomfortable. This effort is to prevent workplace violence and weed out the bad apples. Privacy advocates aren’t buying the proposed policy changes and feels that innocent folks will be subject to extra airport screenings and annoying harassment. The TSA database will include names, birthdays, social security numbers, home addresses and phone numbers of people involved in any incident that TSA warrants a threat to their staff, victims and witnesses. Basically anything that they would include in a dossier will be included in the incident report…tread lightly and beware of the new TSA’s new policy. Incidents which involve threats, yelling, being impatience because they are moving to slow, going through your bags like you stole something and holding something harmful, bullying, screaming at TSA to move their rear end because you have a plane to catch,  verbal abuse, brandishing a real or fake weapon, intentionally scaring workers or excessive display of anger such as punching a wall or kicking equipment. Any of those types of behaviors and one that have not been discovered yet will become a part of your incident report as the TSA security kindly escort you to a holding cell or the airport doors. The database was created in 2007 to prevent 50,000 airport screeners from being attacked or threatened. The database currently has 240 incidents recorded since its inception….information is taken from incident reports that the TSA writes when a travelers threatens or attack a screener. TSA is letting the public know that they are prepared to write more reports if an incident should warranted it and happened during and while your traveling to reach your destinations.

In layman terms if you go to the airport….tread lightly because you may find yourself dragged to a jail cell for voicing your opinion or twisting your mouth to appear angry to a TSA employee and the report will follow you everywhere. The database information can be given to government agencies and to airports, airlines, and rail and bus systems in cases involving their workers or job applicants. It is best to bring your clown face and good manners while being processed and until you reach your destination….or you will be treated like a criminal in front of strangers and your traveling partner will stand there with their mouth opened in shock. I suggest you don’t take the new TSA policy personal. The changes to TSA’s workplace policy may have something to do with a Miami airport screener. A couple of weeks ago a Miami International Airport federal security screener has been arrested for allegedly using an expandable police baton to beat up a co-worker. The source of their conflict, police say: daily teasing about the size of the screener’s penis.

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