VOTERS Have 24 Hours Left To Cast The Vote

VOTE VOTERS Have 24 Hours Left To Cast The Vote

Don’t get caught up in the naysayer nonsense…..leave that to the President of the United States and his team of folks to get the job done on the hill in Washington, D.C. I am stunned to hear the reasons why folks are not voting….can we say ignorance at its finest hour. VOTERS Have 24 Hours Left To Cast The Vote. Find information about the upcoming election on the Maryland State Board of Elections website.

All 435 House seats, 37 of 100 Senate seats and 37 of 50 state governors’ offices are up for grabs in Tuesday’s voting. Republicans must pick up 39 Democratic seats to take power in the House and 10 to take the Senate.

Democrats face massive losses in tomorrow’s midterm election. Nancy Pelosi’s party could lose 55 or more seats in the House, putting the GOP firmly in the majority. Republicans can win at least 25 of the 37 Senate elections.Democrats will need to win close races in West Virginia, Washington and California to protect their majority. There will also be a lot more Republican governors in office come January if folks don’t vote. It looks like six heartland states stretching from Pennsylvania to Iowa will trade a Democratic governor for a Republican one. Word on the street is a common theme in all the races is that white, working-class Democrats who tended to vote for Hillary Clinton over President Barack Obama are pissy than they were in 2008, are prepared to vote for Republicans.

Remember the American people gave the Bush administration eight years to pull the house together. Why are folks only giving President Obama two years to fix a broken government system is the million dollar question?

Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential candidate in 2008, said Tuesday’s voting would be “a political earthquake” that would send a message to Obama.

“They’re going to say, ‘You blew it, President Obama. We gave you the two years to fulfill your promise of making sure that our economy starts roaring back to life again,’” she said of voters while appearing on “Fox News Sunday.”

If folks have been tuning into the political commercials, they are racist and targeted toward the Hispanic, black and working class groups. You think your having a difficult time now…..find out what will happen if you don’t get out and VOTE! Bear in mind the republican party are not thinking about working class folks, they are worried about their own pockets. Republican control of at least the House could result in efforts to repeal parts of the health-care bill and a renewed bout of gridlock on pending issues like expiring tax cuts, climate change and immigration.

Per Rasmussen: Voters aren’t voting for candidates. They’re voting against candidates. In 2006 and 2008, voters voted against Republicans because Republicans were in power.

“This is not 1994,” Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey, chairman of the Senate Democratic campaign committee, said on ABC’s “This Week.”

“We understand that people are hurting in this country, but our goal is to have them understand and channel their anger on election day against the Republican Party that brought us to the verge of economic collapse in November of 2008,” he said.

Leave it to folks like Rush Limbaugh he would let your behind starve…..
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