Video | Mother of the Decade Award

 Video | Mother of the Decade Award

Of course she can! You don’t get to be “Mom” if you can’t fix everything right!

Need a boast for your self esteem….or simply to pat yourself on the back? This video will do it! Send to those rising super “Mother’s” on your list. Getting an compliment from the first lady and the secretary of state was really cute!

P.S. With Mother’s Day this coming Sunday (only 2 days away!) many people are looking for fun, free gifts for all the moms in their lives–and are sharing this video as a special gift. In fact, one Facebook post that’s going around far & wide is: Happy Mother’s Day! Everyone who hasn’t gotten this video needs to get it for themselves, their moms, their sisters, friends, and colleagues: Send to your mommy!

Thanks to Kristin for sending this video to me….your my bestie in my head!

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