Update | Joe Jackson Recants His Odd Comments

I was just reading on the internet that Joe Jackson did bumped his head while traveling to NOTW to give negative comments about his wife to the tabloid magazine. He shamefully admitted that Mother Katherine had nothing to do with the death of their grown son “Michael Jackson.” What was he drinking that would cause him to publicly attack his wife is totally over my head but I’ll tell you one thing is for certain. When Joe got back to the family compound…..she tore him a new asshole in private and than had her attorney confront him. Mother Katherine ain’t no pushover and she stuck with this man from the beginning……now she is a diva for real because a lot of women would have had a “Waiting to Exhale” moment and threw his behind out of the compound by now. Mother Katherine has remain true to her “Diva” character…a true matriarch!

On a side note I would call Joe Jackson a few expletives but I am going to have major respect for Mother Katherine and not wipe the cyberspace street with his old behind….he need to go sit down somewhere and stop embarrassing the Jackson name.

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