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“Happy Mother’s Day” and a huge “Thank You.”

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Thank you! I am grateful for every women who is a teacher who teaches our children around the world despite having children at home. You get a big hug and kudos. Your doing a mighty fine job for those students who are willing to take your instructions. I thank the good Lord he choose you instead of me….the patience you continue to display when those kids are cutting up in your class deserves a standing ovation. When that child acts up in your class and you choose to keep a lid on it deserves a trophy. When the kid refuse to acknowledge that the education they receive from you will be one day invaluable and only their teacher will tolerate the nonsense they bring to the classroom makes me grateful you chose to become a teacher. Children everywhere should be grateful toward the teacher who did not give up on them.

This note is for teachers particuliarly who think it is acceptable to troll the halls, sleep with our children, form any type of relationship that the court would frown upon and parents who don’t play that nonsense:

To those teachers who have personal issues and have forgotten their roles: Especially those who think it is acceptable to date our young male and female children in school…..you get a big f^^K off and back the f^^k away from our children!

doggie pooper scooper Teachers | This Message Is For YouJust to be really clear: If I said anything to a teacher that is suppose to educating my child in our local school via an Facebook email. Please note I don’t give a damn! A sista don’t play that up in our crib! Our youngin’ is still trying to get out of high school. As long as my husband has to dig in his wallet to take care of our child…..no other women are allowed to cross the threshold of our crib to break bread, sniff, eyeball his flexible muscles, share a cocktail, date, telephone, send notes on Facebook or anything I would deem inappropriate. Don’t have the principal calling my husband or my home phone to find out if everything is OK! Hell yeah it is OK! I made myself perfectly clear with YOU on Facebook! Don’t call me asking me questions and don’t send me emails suggesting that I have a problem or my child because you are liable to get a verbal or email cursing out! By the way my child’s feelings nor does what he thinks about our rules in our house and are we being reasonable has ever received any consideration. There is only one queen and king in our home! We provide, shelter, clothing, food, medical care, transportation and do the best job to our ability. Until he becomes the man that he think he is and can do a better job, it will only be at that time we will consider his opinion and advice. The last time I checked the child that I am referring to was still in high school. By the way AGE don’t mean jack to me as long as your in high school and my husband has to take care of you like your a child! That line is for all those haters who think because our kid is over the age of 16 years old and all of a sudden we are suppose to allow him to be privy to adult activities. Anyone who thinks they can perform a better job we are accepting applications to take over our parental duties.

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