Since 1902 until I Rode a Horse….Black

me horsey Since 1902 until I Rode a Horse....Black


Some folks want to whitewall the facts, do away with history, and simply brush shit under the carpet. Some of us black folks are not mad. We are just simply happy to witness what we already know about ourselves.

I was a kid when I had my first experience with a horse. My brother “Eric” loved horses. I will never forget the day we was walking up Kay Avenue talking about riding a horse…..the good ole days when life was real!

Eric was talking bout a donkey and a horse he absolutely loved riding. My simple ass just listened. He was my brother. We was in Trevose. I ove our home life and so did he….humble beginning that did not last for very long. We was the forgotten kids…but we still loved life. Thanked GOD for everything…it tis what it tis. HA!

Memories are a good thing. That is it! I smile anyway despite it all. This journey we all call “LIFE” is tis what it tis. GRAFEFUL for the journey. That is it!!!!!


kevin Since 1902 until I Rode a Horse....Black

WIN…..since 1902


We are a group of positive black people. Black folks that intertwined with other ethnic groups. Educated. Refined. Practice imperfect mannerism in our everyday homelife and we simply love folks.


Like damn since 1902  I do not know if I should be pissed off? I am excited for the lad….to be riding a stallion. HEEHAW! Ride baby…get it Kevin. Ride boo.


Here is what I know about black people.:

  • Black folks are not mean spirited.
  • Black folks are kind.
  • Black folks do pray but some black folks hide behind religion despite their own asinine views on life.
  • Blacks and whites live in a crab in a barrel mentality.
  • Black folks are smart, as well as dumb, ignorant and hide behind something far more sinister that I know anything about. YUP!
  • Black folks have been co-mingling, bi-racial, and inter marriaging long before the 21st century. I witness bi-racial marriages in my family in the 70′s or shall I say when I understand English. Heck most black people are related. Do not know their relatives. Quite frankly it is safe to say….arry outside your race to prevent mental retardation within your own family tree lest you are bless to trace back your family tree. I am not that lucky. I am a lost tree….that seed died eons ago….during the ship traveling to this island we all call “AMERICA”.
  • Gay life….whatever black people…especially groupies in the church. To folks that are ignorant. Please don’t force me to give you a tongue lashing. Enough already w the asinine spew. Focus on that asinine bullshit, wayward and ass out folks in our hoods. ENOUGH ALREADYI rem

I remember a time when folks where happy for one another before all the back biting. I do….all this shit going on now is new shit. Whatever. DO YOU. I remember a professor named Dr. Swartz at Prince George’s Community that said in the early 90′s that some folks would be ass out. Yeah the 21st century baby/where you at with it? That is another blog post but you get the point.

Oh yeah WTF is going on with the diversity conversation? Ummmm….I don’t remember folks being all that segregated back in the day/ I really don’t…we must have missed that boat in our family. Does that make us special. NO….but we sure did miss a lot of the conversation that is happening today. Thank God. I love my diverse family. Just so ya’all know. FUCK YOU! Cause I love my diverse family. I could give a damn about “ANY” racist, so called pseduo Christian and all the asinine comments. YOU HEARD> Oh seriously…take that shit to the mud!

Justsaying….DAMN! Since 1902 there has not been a black jockey? Like really black folks do not ride steez? Huh?

(You ever ride a horse? Baby…baby…..let’s getty up. Ride baby…ride baby…I rode. I ride a steer (cows lingo to some folks. A horsey could be consider a steer/folks are eating horses,,,,,ride this way.. Let’s ride these beautiful creatures forward. Put it on your bucket list…horses are my boo…you heard! (I do not not mean driving the herd…although I could steer the herd. Getty up horsey…..hooo ha heehaw….let’s go”)


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