R.I.P. Octavia Saint Laurent

I was listening to Better Days Radio when I heard a few moments ago that the legendary transgendered beauty Octavia Saint Laurent Laurent’s passed away. Her story was featured in the documentary Paris Is Burning. Octavia St Laurent was in another documentary, “How Do I Look” (2003). Laurent changed her stage name to Heavenly Angel Octavia St. Laurent Manolo Blahnik. She talked about her use of drugs, sex work, and fight with AIDS. She was 94 years old and lived a legendary life. She passed away on May 17th, 2009 Octavia was a leader of the drag ball community and constructed herself and her life to match that of a super-model’s, involving outrageous outfits and non-stop glamor.

She gave the eulogy for Amanda Milan. “Amanda was a transsexual. She was killed because she was a transsexual. Her neck was slashed and her story went unreported because she was Black and a transsexual,”

She had plenty to say. Her eloquent, heartfelt, angry and passionate eulogy earned her a standing ovation from the assembled crowd when she was finished. She spared no one in her commentary and indicted bigots, sexists, the ignorant, the media and the mainstream Black community.

“The Black community is the worst,” St. Laurent said. “They who have suffered from prejudice in this country have treated us worse than any other people.”

“Gays have rights, lesbians have rights, men have rights, women have rights, even animals have rights. “How many of us have to die before the community recognizes that we are not expendable?

R.I.P. Diva. Give Face In Heaven Doll!

Octavia on her favorite model, Paulina Poriskova in Paris is Burning:

YouTube Videos:

Octavia hosts the 2005 Pill awards:

How Do I Look? trailer:

On The Internet Street:


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