R.I.P. Teens | Our Children Are Dying Way Too Soon

I am stunned by the number of teenagers and adults who are checking out of life by way of suicide. Several teens have taken upon themselves to commit the last act of their own life journey by their own hands….R.I.P. teenagers. Our children are dying way too soon!

It does get better…suicide is not the answer.

Nineteen-year-old Aiyisha Hassan, a lesbian and former Howard University student, took her own life a few weeks ago in California.

Hassan becomes at least the seventh LGBT teen to commit suicide in the past five weeks. She also becomes the second Black LGBT teen to commit suicide in two weeks.

Aiyisha Hassan attended Howard University from 2008 to 2009. Students at the historically black university organized a candlelight vigil for Aiyisha. Reports suggest the former HU student was struggling with her sexuality.

Twenty-six-year-old Joseph Jefferson of Brooklyn, New York reportedly committed suicide on Saturday by hanging, friends and associates of the former gay youth activist and HIV peer educator.

Joseph Jefferson’s Facebook page is now locked but over the weekend his last status message reportedly read: “I could not bear the burden of living as a gay man of color in a world grown cold and hateful towards those of us who live and love differently than the so-called ‘social mainstream.”

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