R.I.P. | D.C. Council Intern Alonte Sutton

Alfonso Sulton R.I.P. | D.C. Council Intern Alonte Sutton

This story is sad on many levels for a number of reasons…..this young soul whose life was robbed from him for not letting someone into his car touches my heart. When you have kids whose life is stolen away from them at a young age…..it is just sad!

R.I.P. Alfonso Sutton….my prayers go out to the family and friends.

Family members say Sutton had been in a dispute with a man after the teen refused to give the man’s girlfriend a ride.

Sutton worked in DC Council member Michael Brown’s office last summer. Brown says Sutton was so respected and trusted that he was recommended for a competitive yearlong internship this year.

Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray made the following statement on the death of Alonte Sutton:

“I am deeply saddened about the death of Alonte Sutton, an 18-year old Council intern. He was an exceptional young man whose light was dimmed too soon. No words can fill the void of such the tragic and senseless loss of this young life. My prayers are with his family and friends, and I extend my every condolence to them during this difficult time. I plan to assist Alonte’s family in whatever way I can to help them get through this tragedy.

“The Ballou High School senior was hard working and well-respected by Councilmembers and staff. Alonte was selected to participate in the summer 2009 Council Youth Internship Program, administered by the Council’s Office of Youth Programs. He was assigned to work in the Office of At-Large Councilmember Michael A. Brown. Alonte soared as a summer intern. In the fall, he subsequently applied for a coveted slot in the 2009-2010 session of the program and was selected. His second assignment was in the Support Services Division in the Office of the Secretary to the Council. Staff who worked closely with Alonte daily, described him as a humble young man who was more than willing to perform any task assigned to him. He handled each in a very professional manner. Alonte had applied to several colleges, including UDC, and also was exploring getting work experience in a trade before going to college because he wanted to become an entrepreneur. It’s very unfortunate that his dreams have been dashed by senseless violence.”

Chairman Gray launched the first Council Youth Internship Program in February of 2009. It gives D.C. high school juniors and seniors in pubic, charter and private schools a chance to learn about the legislative process, gain valuable professional and leadership experience, and watch their government in action.

“The Internship Program was a perfect fit for Alonte because it opened new horizons and opportunities, while helping him to establish relationships that would serve Alonte well in the future. This is a terrible loss of a young man working to overcome difficult odds,” the Chairman said.

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