NCAA Hammer Hits USC Trojans

The situation sucks for some of the new recruits for USC but the punishment has to be doled out somehow…..wonder if Coach and Bush are willing to set up 20 scholarships for the kids who are going to have take the punishment they should have received?


These kids had nothing to do with it and shouldn’t be punished because a failed NFL coach wanted to win at all costs.

The NCAA hammer comes down today on USC, the most dominant college football team of the last decade.

The coach that restored the Trojans to glory and the player at the center of recruiting violations have both departed for the NFL, leaving the proud program in a shambles. Sources told the L.A. Times the team will be banned from bowls for two seasons and lose at least 20 scholarships. ESPN reported that USC will also be forfeit wins “from at least the 2004 season,” which would likely strip the school of on of the two national championships it won over the last 10 years.

“We are looking at things right now,” a terse athletic director Mike Garrett told the Times. “That’s about all I can say.”

The NCAA is expected to make the sanctions public today. The school and its fans have been awaiting the ruling by college football’s governing body since February, when USC President Steven Sample, Garrett and former Coach Pete Carroll appeared before an NCAA committee over three days. The recruiting violations involve former star and Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush, now with the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints. The NCAA launched its investigation in March 2006, after reports surfaced that Bush’s mother, brother and stepfather had lived in a San Diego-area home owned by a businessman angling to represent Bush when he turned pro.

Carroll, who took over the football program in 2001 and went on to record a 97-19 record with two nnational championships and five Rose Bowl wins, resigned in January to become the head coach of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, with a five-year, $33 million contract.

A separate recruiting scandal involving the school’s basketball program is also part of the investigation.

In situations like this new players—like this year’s freshman class—should be allowed to go elsewhere without having to sit out like they normally would if they transferred.

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