My Daddy Had A Stroke

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My Mom called me a couple of days ago. She said “Dad and I” are going to check out our Comcast phone because it has been giving us problems, unbeknown to me, she was dealing with an life event that was going downhill real quickly but she knew something was not right with her man. She had conveyed later in the day that she thought Dad had a mini stroke, she took him to the local hospital and they said he had an anxiety attack. Something was not right though and yesterday it was confirmed that he did in fact suffered a mini stroke. Momma was right and the hospital shrugged her off. (That’s another blog post topic) Daddy kept it moving no matter what came his way, when his leg was amputated at least five years ago he kept it moving, when he lost his vision in one eye, he kept it moving and when one of the kids got in their mess, he kept it moving…he truly was the man of our house without a doubt. In between tears I am blogging and trying to hold on to the hope that Dad will pull through his mini stroke. I am very happy that Lexy got the family together to celebrate her journey but who knew that Dad was holding on and hanging in there. He suffered a mini stroke a couple of days ago and is in the hospital non responsive to treatment. Having a stroke is no joke especially for an African American man who suffers from having prostrate cancer and diabetes. I am not one to wear my own personal issues on my sleeve but my goodness this particular life event has knocked the wind out of me and have me jolted. This particular life event has made me realize what a pillar of strength my entire family, extended and marital family has held their head high above water despite the curve balls life may have thrown our way. It is with great sadness that I blog today through my own crisis that I ask for your prayers as I step away from posting my random blog post to deal what may be an episode that I wish I could push the rewind button on my DVD player . I love my DAD, he has and is the best and only father that I could have ever known. He Has help me, relatives, family friends and his kids deal with the mishaps during this journey I call life. He and his wife (MOM) have been married for 50 years this past weekend. Jeez, half of us can’t even be married or in the same room with our significant others more than 2-5 years. I really love this man and I am sooo glad that I was speaking with him 3 days ago about typical bullshit about his car. That’s dad for ya’all keeping his head high and his voice heard among his family and friends. My goodness…we never want to see the people we love down and out. I am holding on to hope until the last lady in red sangs. I love my DAD, please pray for him.

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