Music Tribute: Remembering The Man In The Mirror

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I will always remember “The Legendary King of Pop,” Michael Jackson music and the man in the mirror. I grew up on Michael Jackson known back in the day when the group hit the music scene as the “Jackson Five.” His music made me want to get up and dance. I will never forget this talented young man who the world idolized and attack him for his weird way of dealing with his life. Between his success and legal battles he tried to put on the best public face as much as possible despite who the man in the mirror was that he saw everyday. The world was there when he rose to success, fame and they were there when he was accused of molesting boys which he was found not guilty to the horrible charges. I totally believe that the media can make you succcessful and they will tear you down just as quickly. Michael Jackson spent his entire life performing for the masses around the globe. Some of us will never reach the heights and fame that Jackson manage to climb during his 45 years on the stage. No one knows Michael like his mother Catherine, she is probably the only person alive who knows the real Michael Jackson.

TMZ broke the news that Jackson, 50, known for producing some of the world’s best selling records, including “Thriller” and “Bad,” had died Thursday afternoon around 2:36 pm. Today when I first heard about Michael Jackson being hospitalized due to him having a cardiac arrest. I held on to hope that he would be OK, but to no avail he had passed on to his next life. I still can’t believe that he is gone. It is all very instant and suddenly out of the blue. I am stunned by news of Michael Jackson passing away. I can’t say that he did not suffer during his life on this earth. He suffered accusations, scandal, legal and financial woes. CNN has been covering Michael Jackson life from beginning to end. As quiet as it is kept, the media basically dissected his entire life like it was cheese on a cutting board. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live his life, especially the part of it that had no privacy. All of his friends and family are chiming in about his life and what type of person he was and what he meant to them.  When he said during a press conference during his promotion for his upcoming tour “this is the final curtain call,” it really was his last curtain call to the public. I wish the family my condolences and my prayers are with them during this time.We should remember Michael Jackson as an legendary artist and performer who touch the lives of many people around the world. May his soul rest in peace!

The Jackson family request that the media respect their privacy at this time.

The star had three children, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson II.

He is survived by his mother, Katherine, father, Joseph and eight siblings – including Janet, Randy, Jermaine and La Toya Jackson.

Thriller Video remains the highest selling album in the music industry.


Pretty Young Thing

They Really Don’t Care About Us


Black and White

You Rock My World

Man In The Mirror

Never Can Say Goodbye

I’ll Be There

Remember The Time

We Are The World


Never Can Say Goodbye

You Rock My World

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