Miss My Buddy. R.I.P. Dad

daddyg Miss My Buddy. R.I.P. Dad

To those that could not make it. Your spirit and condolences was heartfelt. Thank you family and dear friends for traveling to pay your respect to dad aka “buddy”. The entire family appreciates your presence. Oh my goodness, some of you travel from far away. We love you. And it made the journey bittersweet for me…y’all damn took my breath away. I WUV you now, forever and always. That is it!

missdad Miss My Buddy. R.I.P. Dad

My dad has became my guardian angel!

fruit Miss My Buddy. R.I.P. Dad

Your presence was heartfelt, your condolences the entire family is grateful, the fruit, cards, flowers, gift from the church is kind and the comforting shoulder is appreciate. Thank you.

mommy Miss My Buddy. R.I.P. Dad

We all gonna “Miss our “Buddy”. R.I.P. Dad!


Daddy I got this…pass the torch. I believe a change will come for the American people and folks around the “GLOBE”. Some of you folks thinks the world just woke up to asinine issues cause you’re happy ass just decided to tune into current events in 2013 or the 21st century.

I am here to tell you…shit been f up forever. Get off your effin soapbox. Become a part of the change in this world. Justsaying leave the self righteous bullshit, holy than thou rant, asinine spew, prejudice, division between and about skin color and the world owes your happy ass something bullshit at the gate.

Until then continue to spew self righteous bullshit, hatred, division, right and left wing rants, and all that okey doke bullshit that does nothing for your hoods. Oh yeah…..go ahead and continue to snub your local hoods, continue to put other folks outside of your households on pedestals aka praise celebrity, overpriced shit, racial shit like my black skin is too dark to hang with the whiter skin shit, the white skin is supreme to the point of messing up your skin via plastic surgery, the corporate and celebrity life are our gods deets. Oh really…check your shit at the door. That is all I am saying….UMPH!

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pin it button Miss My Buddy. R.I.P. Dad
pixel Miss My Buddy. R.I.P. Dad

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