Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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Merry Christmas everyone…..I wish all my readers who visit thephotographer4you a safe holiday as we all prepare to hang out with love ones and celebrate in the style that best describes the holiday to you and yours. Take care and be well until…..the next blog post. As I said in an earlier post, Christmas is not a huge holiday for me…..too much fanfare, commercialized and materialistic hoopla surrounding the Christmas holiday. I am and have been over that aspect of Christmas for a very long time. This does not mean I don’t enjoy this time of the year…..matter of fact I love the tempo of folks and the cheerfulness and positive energy that it brings out of people… can feel it in the air. This is the time of the year that I tend to reflect on my life, the entire year, my relationships and my blessings. I am an Christian and proud to say that I love the Lord that I serve. I have to confess with my heart and soul the Lord has been mighty good to me despite it all….he has been my keeper during my time of sorrow, pain, lost, joy and the list can go on. He never left me despite me turning my back on him throughout this year. Isn’t it amazing when it is all said and done… can say I made it through this and I am going to make it through that. Don’t give up and don’t give in….this year is especially difficult for a lot of us. Especially with the economic crisis in the world today….it seems and has been bleak for a lot of folks. Don’t despair and don’t give up on living your fullest life. You can make it through this….I know there has been a few moments that I question my ability to hold on tight to get throughout a day! This too shall past and perhaps one day you will be able to help someone make it through their trying times. For one day, let it all go and surround yourselves with people who know how to live and love life through it all…be it a grandmother, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, mother, father, lover, partner, friend, or someone you just meet a moment ago….smile and allow your heart to be merry.

Remember Christmas and during this holidays season should not be about the commercial and material side of Christmas. It should be a moment to interact and socialize with your love ones from near and far away. Don’t allow yourselves to get caught up in the haves and have nots. Remember you go shopping throughout the entire year and Christmas should not be a moment of buying material items you absolutely can’t afford to give. I live by this code in my own household and tend to think we have a keep it real mantra within my immediate family structure during the holidays. We all have our season of giving and when its that time to give generously materially…you will but when it is not… have to tell yourself..SO WHAT! It not my time to give materially. Don’t sweat the small stuff because in 100 years it won’t matter anyway. Believe me it is a lot less stressful. Remember you have to live after the holidays becomes a distant memory until the next Christmas….which can be a lot of pressure, stress and unnecessary expense that your Coach or LV pocketbooks and wallets may not be able to bare. Hug someone, donate your time, write a letter, renew hope and your faith, visit someone during this time that you wouldn’t have ordinarily, or simply hang out in your crib and be thankful for the moment to say “Merry Christmas” to someone you love. Remember one thing “Tis the season to be jolly and have a joyous holiday”!

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