Larry King Interviews Jermaine Jackson

It is all about the “King of Pop” on the Larry King show as he interviews Jermaine Jackson. It should be all about Michael Jackson, he was one of the greatest entertainers of our generation. He should receive his accolades and kudos from the media. They did him really dirty when he was alive and now that he is gone on to the other side his death should be treated with the up-most respect and the family should be allowed to buried their beloved Michael with dignity. During my time on this god forsaken earth I have never witness any performer in the entertainment industry who was passionate about their craft as the legendary Michael Jackson. Oprah may come close to be the greatest “Queen of television” when it’s her turn to walk to the other side but only time will tell. If you live long enough you will know that being build up and being put down requires a certain level of balance and humility. Take the shit with a grain of salt, at the end of the day it is still an human being doing what they love to do and that is their job.

The last rehearsal performance clip is awesome and it shows the very talent “King of Pop” doing what he does best and that is perform. Hopefully someone recorded the entire rehearsal in its entirety and the world will get to see what compel tickets to sell out within 4 hours after being announced.

It is my humble opinion that Joseph and Catherine Joseph made very beautiful children together. I ain’t even mad about how Joseph ran his home with an iron fist. Back in the day times were rough for people of all nationalities as quiet as it is kept. Today’s parents don’t want to raise their kids they rather party with them. Half the parents can’t get their children to read instead they provide mindless activity with 360 units and television screens. The audacity to criticize a family that had to provide for what became the greatest entertainers of our generation is a travesty to the Jackson family name. Times were tough back then and still is today. Shit is simply modernized and camouflaged, don’t get it twisted. Listen to the words in the “King of Pop” last performance clip, “they don’t really care about us.” The brother was “Baaaaad.”


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