Jennifer Hudson Welcomes A Baby Boy

Congratulations to Oscar winner and “American Idol” star Jennifer Hudson who gave birth to a baby boy late yesterday. His name is David Daniel Otunga, Jr., named for his father and Hudson’s fiancee. Hudson’s pregnancy was never officially announced to the media by the engaged couple. Part of this was privacy, some of it was superstition, but most of it had to do with the terrible tragedy she and her family underwent last October. The murders of her mother, brother and nephew were beyond comprehension. But Jennifer, who is basically a positive person, turned lemons into lemonade. She and fiancee Otunga conceived a child soon after the episode.

Click anywhere on the map and it does some very interesting stuff.

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  • br

    I’m clicking on the map and nothing interesting is happening.

    • geekgirl

      Perhaps I am the only who found it interesting the way it spiders when you click on a name. Oh well, I am corny sometimes when it comes to stuff like that…thank for reading the post.

  • corbin1

    Congratulations Ms. Hudson! Peace be unto you, David & David, Jr.

  • Lesley

    Jennifer and David – May GOD continue to richly bless the two of you and your new born son! Jennifer you are the best and you deserve GOD’s best. Inspite of what we go through OUR FATHER knows how to replace or tears with joy and fill every void that our hearts possess.I don’t know you but I love you both in JESUS name!Be ABUNDANTLY BLESSED!

    • geekgirl

      As Wendy Williams would quote “she is a friend in my head” and most celebrities are always hanging out in our living rooms and bedrooms. We watch and read everything about their lifestyles, troubles, births and deaths that occur within their lives. I am glad and happy for the two of them. Experiencing a death in the family like she did just when her career was peaking has to be the worst blow that would bring anyone to their knees screaming to the heavens. A child is a gift from God and a blessing to any family. It is life and new beginnings for them. I can never say that I know how she feels because I have not walked a day in her shoes. I wish the both of them well! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • Tony Crtis

    I send best wishes to the mother and father for the birth of their child, but as an american idol, shouldn’t you have married first? That’s a great message our idols send to the younger people. A True American Idol.

  • Renee

    Congratulations, Jennifer:

    God bless you & your baby boy!!

  • Daphne

    CONGRATULATIONS. You are the recepient of God’s gift and opened the womb with a son which is an added blessing. Be happy, love David Daniel Otunga jr. with all your heart. Now there will be some peace as you are now a mom,it will not change but enhance and enrich you and your fiancee’s life. We here in Canada felt your pain at the loss of your mom and nephew and sister; time is the healer of all wounds. I send blessings and God’s protection on you and family. You take girl, I have four children of my own. I celebrate with you today.

  • Gwin Minter

    Blessings to you on the delivery of God’s precious gift to you and your fiancee David. Now you both are responsible for the rearing of your son and teaching him the ways of the Lord. I pray you both will lead by example so that he might know and later experience God’s precious love for himself. I know you both will be good parents!