IPhone got it going on with Sirius Radio

IPhone has partnered up with Sirius Radio to download their application to your IPhone and IPhone Touch. Now that’s what really up….I get to listen to my Praise on the go and “The Foxxhole” which are my favorite stations. If I owned an IPhone I would be listening to those particular shows and perhaps a sprinkle of Oprah once in a blue moon. Now I am wondering when Blackberry going to step up their satellite radio game and allow their customers to listen to it on their blackberry. IPhone is giving everyone a run for their money; I simply can’t justify why I should $pend several hundred of dollars on a cellular phone, especially since I am a huge fan of Blackberry’s platform.  In the meantime I will listen on my radio, boom box, computer and where ever else I can gain Sirius Radio access. Now if Apple sent me an IPhone to test drive to convince me why I should throw my Blackberry under the bus than that would be another blog post all together. Of course I am not famous enough for freebies from the big wigs but hey stranger things have happen….being blessed and highly favor has its rewards! The Fox will be hosting the BET awards this year on June 28, 2008. Its not a black thing its a BET thing? Check it!

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The Jamie Foxx Show 6.19.09 (Full) [Link]

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