HOMIE | This Message Is For YOU.

homies HOMIE | This Message Is For YOU.

Take your ass home. Get your f’ng ass off dat pedestal n check your childish n mature buffoonery at the gate. k. Seriously. Why you mad again? Nah boo…..Yeah I heard bout it. Not today. Pull dat shit in n get over yourself! Ain’t nobody got time for dat shit. Get over yourself n check dat shit at the door.

Mister alway say don’t want to tell you this…nah mane. After a while ain’t nobody has got time to entertain insecurity, peeps with no manners, folks are married that do not under people have friends before they met them of all ethnicity, gender and sexuality.

Dead in the water. Snap out of it n grow the f up before you find your ass out in a creek without a goddamn paddle.

Nah….enough already. Nah. Nah.

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