Happenings Around Town: Tigger In DC

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Way back in the day when Dinosaurs in Silver Spring, Maryland was all the rage I went there for a quick meal and music. I am talking when 3.5 disk were all the rage…you do the math. Marlboro was there that night doing a promotion for play all day and party all night raffle in Bozman, Montana. I didn’t even smoke Marlboro cigarettes, I think my brand was Salem Lights or reasonably priced cigars. My name was drawn and I won a WPGC teeshirt too! Boy did I get my dance groove on that night. I forgot I went in there for food. Well, I won a full expense trip along with $1500 and gifts that WPGC was hosting or working with as a sponsor to Malboro Country, dude ranch in Bozman, Montana. Let me tell you, I had a grand time down there hanging with the cowboys, Yellowstone River and nature but I did take a dead beat dude with me. Now I am as dark as they come compared to a room full of white folks but honey I had sooooo much hanging with them cowboys on the dude ranch and yellowstone river was the business; I forgot I came with a dude named Billy. No pun intended, that was really his name. They gave me round trip tickets for two and at that time I did not know my hubby. I thought I would be swinging from the bear bedpost in the lodge, laughing like a silly school girl and pulling the deer horns in the room but that did not happen. I think he was on the DL but that would have been cool if he told me because at that time I would have rode one of those fine ass cowboys down there on the ranch, I mean their horse..heheheh!  At that time I was working as a road warrior and companies were throwing all kinds of stuff at you to hock their wares, good times in deed! I have nothing but love for WPGC and Bozman, Montana. Check this out, during the time there was a huge billboard poster of Whoopi Goldberg as the crew who had won the trip arrived in Montana.

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