Census Bureau Alert | This Butt Wipe Made It Bad for Census Bureau Workers

This ass wipe of a man who displays shit ass behavior like this is why folks won’t be opening their door anytime soon to anyone, let alone a Census bureau employee. At this point just send in the damn forms….it takes less than five minutes. I don’t get the difficulty and why is it still a big issue for folks to complete the Census Bureau forms. Don’t be mad when your community is off the list for allocation funding per person and they forgot to count you because you failed to complete Census Bureau form and did not mail it back. You got this ass wipe of a man and probably another asshole out there who decide that is OK to rape a disabled women and brutally attack her? WTF! was he thinking? I learned a long time ago…..if you did not invite anyone to your home, why you going to the door when someone is knocking on your door? If you stand outside my door too long I would probably call the police on your ass. I am just saying……The ass wipe census worker raped and beat a handicapped woman in Indiana this week and then the ass wipe of a man had the nerve to go lay up with his wife…. He deserves the dumbass award for the day. I originally observed this video on Wendyista and thought this would make an excellent blog post to alert women: Do not open your doors to strangers if your a homemaker, home from work chilling with the family or doing whatever the hell you want to in your crib. It’s assholes like this that give honest people who were attempting to do a charitable act a bad name.

JWF reported this from WHAS:

A volunteer Census worker who made his rounds earlier this week is now accused of returning to a physically handicapped woman’s home this weekend and beating her and raping her.

WHAS11’s Adrianna Hopkins was in Pekin, Indiana on Sunday where the crime happened, and spoke to the neighbors and friends of both the victim, and the accused.

“I had no reason to be afraid or anything of him,”
said Debbie Bishop. “He was just a nice ordinary person.”

That’s what Bishop thought last Tuesday when she met Daniel Miller. The self-employed tile-layer and volunteer Census worker drove up her road, stopping at the homes listed on his Census forms.

The two had a short conversation and she answered all of his Census questions.

“He just seemed really nice, he was actually he was over friendly,” Bishop said.

But if what Washington County Sheriff’s Deputies say about Miller is true, Debbie says she’s sorely mistaken.

Police say that same Tuesday, Miller also stopped by Debbie’s neighbor’s house. Then, that Saturday, at 4:30 in the morning, police say he returned to her neighbor’s home, broke in, and beat and raped the 21-year-old physically handicapped woman who lives there with her mother.

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