Black In America 2

This July, CNN continues its investigation of the most challenging issues facing African-Americans with “Black in America 2.” Soledad O’Brien reports on people who are using ground-breaking solutions to transform the black experience.

In 2008, CNN took a hard look at the myths, the facts, the stereotypes and the realities of being black in America. The response to our documentaries was overwhelming and created a dialogue across our country. We listened and what we heard sent us down a whole new path of reporting.

This July, CNN continues this conversation with “Black in America 2.” Submit your story on the ireport.

I watched “Black In America 1″ when it aired in 2008. It is one of those shows that everyone should watch in regardless of their race and skin color. Soledad O’Brien digs a bit deeper into the issues that African Americans face. Steve Harvey will be one of the guest on the shows giving his commentary about being an African American men in America. Tonight at 8:00 PM eastern CNN will air the controversial show about “Blacks In America.”

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