Bishop Long Released Statement To The Church

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I have thought long and hard about this allege case overnight. My conclusion is “Do not judge, and you will not be judged; and do not condemn,and you will not be condemned; pardon, and you will be pardoned. Luke 6:37

What if Bishop Eddie Long is being falsely accused? What took these young men this long to come forward? What is the real deal with the Youttube video circulating the internet after the complaint was filed? What kid do you know sits in a classroom making it rain with a handful of money? Where is the teacher in the video to shutdown the inappropriate behavior being captured? Yesterday my thought was that they were naive young teenage men and was taken advantage of but I am not sure anymore if that is my reasoning. I have a problem with the lawsuit. Is the very thing that Bishop stands against being used against him? He does stand against homosexuality and has vehemently said that publicly. Does the criminal act they committed to First Baptist by the young men own omission cause this lawsuit to have the church not prosecute them? Did he really woe them or was he merely helping these young men? Does Bishop status have something to do with folks opinion of him? If this was an individual with a different demographic and income level, would we have the same opinion? Nowadays folks are sending pictures of themselves naked on the internet…is the Bishop not privy to enjoying social media the same way as everyone else? The Bishop was fully clothed. Who the hell are we to say otherwise….does that make him guilty? All I see is a man in athletic gear with a tight ass body posting a picture that was just released by the media. I want to know stuff like did it come from a certain IP address, flight records, payroll stubs, text messages or something that clearly show foul behavior and anything else that would validate these allegations. Solid legitimate paperwork and proof that can prove these allegations beyond a reasonable doubt exist? What about the parents, friends and relatives of the young men come forward who can attest to these strange allegations? Since folks want to play shit out in the media….I want more proof besides a well written complaint filled with allegations. The same way we question Bishop Eddie Long’s behavior leaves me to ponder on the behavior of the accusers. I am one for analyzing both sides of a story because I can and don’t give a shit who don’t like it! At this point like I said yesterday I don’t know who to believe…after kiki moments of listening to fodder, reading blogs, listening to the media, Bishop’s lawyer….I think about now we need facts before we proceed with our judgmental point of view of First Baptist church and Bishop Eddie Long. Both sides deserve their opportunity to prove their case and public opinion is merely speculation.

Bishop Long issued a statement today. What is compelling about the allegations is the sexual abuse the young men allege in their complaint but does that mean the Bishop is guilty of the charges? He is innocent until proven guilty by a court law.  I am not sure what to think of the allegations against Bishop Long and certainly anyone not closely connected to the lawsuit opinion does not matter. I don’t know Bishop Long but one thing is for certain…when an individual is face with any type of incriminating summons and a legal complaint, it is a riveting hit to the gut. It is tidal wave of emotion for the entire family and the legal battle to fight the allegations in any court of law in America is a lengthy process. We all heard that your innocent before proven guilty verbiage but based on my own experience with my own legal woes. That is simply not the case nor is it that easy….one must prove their innocent beyond a reasonable doubt and in a civil lawsuit is a preponderance of evidence. The opinions circulating on blogs, vlogs and in the media are merely speculation based on the fact that Bishop Long is a highly revered and respectable member of the clergy. When ever a person of any celebrity, brand or name recognition it is an instant backlash of positive and negative opinion that takes on the form a virus gone bad in cyberspace.

Of course a man of God should lean on the word of God and not lean on his own understanding…if there was ever a time for Bishop to believe in faith now would be the time for @Bishop Long maintain his faith. Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. If the allegations of these young men are not true and are conspiring against this man of God. Shame on them and may they burn in hell for their transgression. Despite any damaging evidence present to make it appear that Bishop is less than holy and appear to look like he is the very thing he stands against….Bishop hold onto your unwavering faith. If the men has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that these allegations are in fact true than we can thank goodness the acts have been brought to light.

What I find is disturbing about the allegations are if in fact Bishop Long did in fact do something wrong to these young men. Why did the young men wait so long? Where are the parents of these young men? Why would they wait to allege a complaint against the Bishop after they are found committing a crime? I am just saying that can be the weakness in their case and appear to be an act of revenge against the church for prosecuting them. Based on public opinion it appears everyone has formed an opinion based on a file complaint filled with allegations that has not been proven by anyone thus far. This case almost reminds me of Michael Jackson when he was accused of molesting children only to find out after he died those allegations were false. When you have an black man of this type of stature, money, a following and stands with an attitude against certain societal behaviors there lies the problem and becomes the individual fall from grace. I am #justsaying we all need to pause for a minute and let this one play itself out in the courtroom. I can’t tell you how often we have watch from our home television screens, the media  spin of an ink pin wreck havoc on an individual life.

@Bishop Eddie Long for remaining quiet….perhaps that was the best way to handle the situation. The story did just broke in the media. My cousin just endured a murder trial and had to face the murderers of her son. One of the lawyers who gave the family advice said something that still resonates in my spirit to this day. No matter what happens during the trial the family must maintain a unified front! I can’t not imagine how the Bishop entire family, his wife, his children, the church family, friends, colleagues and affiliates feel about the announcement of the allege allegations against the Bishop? One could only speculate they are shocked, humiliate, scared and absolutely stunned! I am sure the Bishop lost his footing….there are three sides to every story. The accusers, the plaintiffs and the truth!

Bishop Eddie Long Statement To Church

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