BEWARE | Hateful YouTube Bully Comments

hqdefault BEWARE | Hateful YouTube Bully CommentsWe have folks who hide behind their computer screens and type obscene comments on keyboards without revealing their identities who post anonymous hateful comments all the time.  A young lady is suing Google and demanded the company to reveal the identity of three YouTube comment’s—”JoeBoomo8,” “jimmyJeanoo8,” and “greyspector09″—who were saying “malicious and untrue” things about her. Uh huh….. I always wondered why folks were allowed to post hateful and offending comments on most message and forum boards? Are these folks bullying and should we consider them bully’s? Our President of the United States endure bullying, offensive, hateful and distasteful anonymous comments from YouTube commenter s everyday.

What the heck is up with that? Why are these hateful bullies allowed to post hateful comments? I agree it is time that we all bring awareness to the bully’s who post malicious comments and we have a civil responsibility to stand up against it! Enough already with allowing bully’s to post, slander and defame others through bullying. We live in a time that social media has allowed people to feel comfortable with their unresponsive comments on social media boards like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Myspace. Is your child being bullied online? Are you randomly checking your child’s online presence and interaction with their cyber-friends? Gone are the days of assuming you know what is really going on with your child. Get involved with your child’s cyber online experience. We get stuck with our own everyday lives that we tend to forget our child may need our support and intervention. We have a responsibility as parents to protect our children despite how old they are….check out Trevor Project.

To all those folks who think that my husband and I are not giving our child enough privacy…..screw you! This is exactly why my gloves are not coming off. I will never assume because of his manly muscle body that declares him an adult and he does not need our intervention. Shame on you parents who don’t touch down and be totally involved in your child’s life cause you on some different shit. Grow the hell up and be parents who really protect your child be them gay, straight, transsexual or bisexual. Get over yourselves and protect your child from bullies! It’s bad enough being an adult dealing with real life issues in today’s society…imagine how a child feels who has not been in the world and immune due to the shelter life they live? Imagine what teenagers are going through everyday without a family support system? Parents need to step in and be the protection from these bully’s that lurk online who taunt our children to the brink of suicide…enough already! Get into it and get involve to prevent a bully from showing up at your front door! These are our babies and we need to protect them!

Time to get Rambo with your child’s cyberspace online presence. I don’t care if my child hates me….really now! By dinnertime the child will get over it!

Check message boards, forums, online identities and any online presence your child has created. Setup user time restrictions on your computer, the computer will automatically shutdowm….parent logs to review the websites your child is visiting. YUP! I am that RAMBO with the content that is entering our crib…what about you? I can give a hoot what my child thinks about my black ass…I am the queen bee in this crib and there is only one KING that reside in this castle, the child is the prince or princess that abide by our rules! I sleep with the HMIC, the KING every night….pappa bear is kind and soft but if the queen ain’t happy. TRUST me no one is happy around these parts while my HMIC is out there on his grind. My job as the queen is to make sure when pappa bear get back to the crib everything is running smooth. That goes for our children cyberspace online experience….those are the times in which we live.  Matter of fact set up user logins and identities that you can assess online and on your cable. If the child has a problem with it…they are controlling you! That in itself is dysfunctional behavior and as a family that should be addressed!

Check Facebook, Twitter and Myspace…if the child has a problem with it. That’s their problem not your resources and your computer your child is logging onto everyday in your home.

Matter of fact:  Local libraries, college campuses and business organizations does not allow anyone to enter certain websites when using their computers. Why should n’t it be the same where the child resides and you pay the bills? Enough with kids and teenagers intimidating parents while they reside in your house. What the heck is up with that mentality? You have parents who allow their children certain adult freedoms in their homes who dictates and decide, oh really? I don’t freaking think soo…..get a grip and get some authority in your homes ASAP! You don’t want to be the next news story…seriously! It starts at home and as a parent your the BOSS! The world is filled with bullies, pychos and asswipes who don’t give a damn about your child, you and your family. #JUSTSAYING folks that decide to have kids need to be cognizant of their roles as parents…nope! I am not your typical traditional parent but I get creep out by what is happening to our society and children. What about you?

Sidenote: If you have a child that is responsible….you are good! You don’t have anything to worry about. But if your wondering who your child is responding to in cyberspace…time to get involve!

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  • Daniel Appleton

    The anonymity of the interne unfortunately allows for everything from random insults to threats of violence. Especially on Youtube where apparently, anything goes