Where is the American People Bailout plan?

1 Day left before you can cast your Vote for Obama as the next president of the United States.  Turn off the radios and listen to CNN Live on your computers at work, listen in the background while your cleaning your house and on your cellphones to get the latest and updated scoop on this race for the White House. Obama is letting us all know that his economic plan for the American people is solid and it will build a strong economic foundation for the American people that we all can share. Enough of the your working for the American dream but it is not obtainable for the working class people of this country. It is about damn time that we have an political candidate thinking about the middle and working class people of this country. Since when have the Republicans thought about spreading the wealth? If anything they tease us with their wealth by showing off on television how much money they have than the working class people. The Republicans are able to put their children through school, put food on their tables, pay for maids and designer duds, fill their gas tank up free of charge, pay their mortgages and get back to business as usual when the election is over. The Democratic working class people had to struggle to send their kids to college with pennies, take out students loans that is the size of  a mortgage to send their children to college, scrap to pay the  mortgage and feed their family, figure out how they are going to pay for serious medical treatment and prescriptions medicine, watch insurance companies play Russian roulette with our health when we really needed the health care, cut student loans and grant programs, refuse to rebuild our inner cities with better schools, take away our jobs, cut medicare and fake us out with a social security plan, use us and spit us out and most recently taken all of our retirees, aunts, uncles, grandma and granddaddies retirement money. 401K’s, money market and stocks have dwindle down to nothing. Now tell me again why we would Vote for another replica of the Bush Administration? I find it very interesting that Banks and companies get a bailout but where is the American people bailout plan? Where is our billion dollar bailout to save our homes, pay our mortgages, pay our medical bills and fill up our gas tanks. To throw insult to injury and in the American people’s face. Once the bank sent that first billion bailout check; the banks continue partying, continue with business as usual and went to the spa to get pedicures and manicures. The American people is not privy to that type of luxury and bailout plan. Where is the American people billion dollar bailout plan? Vote Obama! Yes We Can and Yes We Should change the face of the White House. Vote for Obama for the President of the United States.

Now bear in mind that McCain states he been fighting for this country since he was 17 years old. How old is he now? He has been in politics for a very long time and he hasn’t made the changes this country need for the economy? He states in his political speeches that he has been at this for a very long time and that equals experiences. OK, I can respect that but what about…..He had his chance to show us what he can do for this country in his long career in politics. From 17 years old up until now he had a chance to bring about change for the American people. The current administration had their chance to get our economy stable but they destroyed it. The greed and corruption is from the administration he supports. The only money he is going to protect if he is elected is his own pockets and friends. VOTE OBAMA for the President of the United States! Half of us have grown up on coal to heat our homes during the winter. Now did you have fun hauling those buckets to a broke down stove that was in a kitchen in a tiny house? My family had a coal stove in their home. Folks, it is 2008. It is time for clean technology. It is time for change! The Republican party have had the same speech when it is time for re-election for the White House of the United States. They talk about how they are going to change our lives. They wasn’t lying about that statement. The Iraq war going on right now is from the hands of the Republican administration. Our troops want to brought home to American soil. McCain wants to continue to fight a losing war, spend more money, kill our young men and women. Half the troops that survive come back traumatized and kicked to the curve. Now let Obama go to the White House to clean up the mess!


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