Happy Memorial Day!

These are the folks I am aware of at this time…this list list is subject to change at any time. Thank you all for serving our country. I am thankful for all the young women and men who serve our country abroad, across the pond and domestically everyday. Godspeed and may God be with you! May our flag stand forever!
Uncle Luthern Carruth – Army
Cousin Charles Carruth – Army
Cousin Richard Carruth = Air Force
Cousin Malcomn Carruth = Air Force
Brother Phillip Johnson = Navy
Father In Law = Plennis Randall – Army
Family Friend = Brandon Massau – Army
Nephew= Stephen Colfield – Army
Gordon Jamall Randall = Son and 1st Generation Officer

Thank You United States Air Force Academy for educating our son, Officer Gordon Jamall Randall=2nd Lieutenant.
Happy Memorial Day to all the veterans who have served this country and to all those young men and women who serve our country presently! I love you all and lord only knows where we would be without you!
Special shout out to my beloved folks who serve this county proudly.
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