Alert | National HIV Testing Day

 Alert | National HIV Testing Day

June 27, 2010 is national “HIV Testing Day.”

I was just fresh out of high school when the virus became the conversation on the tongues of folks, news waves and television screens….I lost many friends and love ones to the disease. Back in the day folks wanted to blame the virus on gay folks but that turned out to be a false notion in itself. As quiet as it kept…folks to this day still have sex without a condom because they believe they know their partners or can declare the statement “It will never happen to me” or lead themselves to believe that hype anyway. Many of the folks that I knew back in the day that contracted the virus died within a couple of years and trust me it was not easy watching the disease ravage their bodies and their livelihoods. Than AZT came on the scene which would allow a person to keep their “T” levels up….thus far I guess it is working but it was not a cure. Advance medications have been discovered since then but there still is not a cure for HIV. I strongly urge folks to be tested to simply to know your status. I started having my boys tested at the age of 16 years old because I believe it is extremely important to bring to our children the attention about STD’s and that in itself is never to soon to teach! I personally believe it is important for all folks to be test annually in regardless of  “I trust my partner” bullshit. Until a cure has been discovered and we are all vaccinated against the virus…all folks should be tested. See you at the lines.

Sidenote: If I had to keep it really real with you..I would fathom and go on the record to say an individual should have at least been tested at a CDC clinic in addition to their gynecologist or urologist. The clinicians and doctors are the truth in terms of screening your blood in search of every STD disease known to man. When an individual seeks care at their private doctor they do not check for anything extra unless you ask for it and pay for it. An HIV test is not part of the annual checkup. YUP! A sista been getting testing for years and make no mistake…proud of it too! When I was courting my husband I had him in the clinic every three months until I felt comfortable enough and we were using condoms too!

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