Al Sharpton Ain’t Apologizing to Anyone, Not You or I, Nobody!

al Al Sharpton Aint Apologizing to Anyone, Not You or I, Nobody!

I don’t blame Al Sharpton either….enough already with apologizing for eating a good meal, smoking a good cigar and socializing with like minded folks. It is time to for all folks to revolve from that let’s all march in 100 degree weather, folks screaming racist slurs, I don’t like you  because of your skin color, you did this to us in the 1900s  mentality, walking to solve the issues of the American people in the hot sun but no one shows up to support the cause and to do what for whom? It is 2011 and “WE” are all kin a social media world connected to cyberspace where information travels faster than the speed of light. Why shouldn’t  Mr. Sharpton the people’s advocate for American folks civil rights leader at the forefront enjoy the money his organization has reaped? Although it appears he only advocated for African American folks….lord knows if he didn’t, half of those folks would be in the gutter clueless about their civil rights. Sharpton has earned his wages and then some that he has not been able to collect. What the hell have we done for our community lately? Are we simply waiting on someone to come and rescue us from our own plights? Matter of fact I come from that generation that does not believe “Mr. Al Sharpton” ain’t never done shit for them mentality and crab in a barrel mentality. Sharpton was too busy walking on hot sweltering sidewalks, listening to  everyone’s story, taking on more than his resources could ever handle and lord knows the man tried to save everyone in the African American community…after all he is only one man with a few allege followers of the cause?

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I remember this picture because I talked mess about Sharpton because he did not answer my fax. Oh well…NEXT! It is about time Sharpton matured with his advocacy…don’t you think? Have we matured as a nation or we simply stuck in a time zone not willing to let go of our bygones? Hmmmm. It is time folks change our thinking how we deal and socialize with different ethnic groups. Those who choose to want to stay in a box……let them be there within content with their decision.

kids Al Sharpton Aint Apologizing to Anyone, Not You or I, Nobody!

What cause is that you ask that Sharpton help you with? He helped you too think about change and what you need to doo within your communities to implement the change. I suppose you  had to be there. I was born on the cusp of our social change and was simply a darling in my family tree or an headache depending on who you ask. Uh huh! I know how that can go in the African American community…that is the only position I can speak to and attest to because I am a black women. I know as an African American we can ra ra ra we with folks and raise our hands with an convincing “hallelujah” with the best of them but when it comes time to roll up the sleeves and do the work. WELL? I have to go to work, I am busy, I don’t have a babysitter, I need gas money, what have you done for me lately and the ill manner hidden feelings are kept undercover…oh perhaps that is not a black thing but a people thing?

Hmmmmm….all I know is Al Sharpton has been on the front line of change since the beginning of my humble beginnings and remembrance of the stories told about a man named “Sharpton”, he was our hope the man you call to help you with social change no matter how radical or extreme. Sharpton was the beltway of change. I have never witness him on film talking some naysayer ish. #Justsaying dude is serious about his steez and ain’t nobody, nor you or I, no matter what color of your skin is going to change dudes’s agenda…YUP! I said it! Perm, style, charistmatic, cigar smoking and mature man who outlived most of the civil right leaders that advocated for changed. I have mad respect for the man….who else is manning the front line of change and who right now belives in the unity of people beside this suave season man with his 3 or 4 piece suit, coif hair, manicured nails, believe in a spiritual being of some kind when he need to call on his lord that he serves, over the naysayer bantering noise and have stayed abreast of what is going on the world of technology, cyberspace and politics? WHO? I ask that million dollar question?

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