Aids Vaccine Breakthrough Experiment Shows Promise

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Photo: An HIV/AIDS patient waits for treatment at Wat Phrabatnampo near Lopburi, Thailand on Wednesday, July 28, 2004. (AP / David Longstreath)

I wake up today to learn that our Thai brother and sisters volunteered their bodies to science for a cure for the AIDS. According to news outlets and it is A world first: AIDS vaccine cuts the risk of HIV infection by 31 percent in big Thai study

In what is being called the world’s largest HIV vaccine trial ever, researchers found that people who received a series of inoculations of a prime vaccine and booster vaccine were 31 percent less likely to get HIV, compared with those on a placebo. Now this is considered one of the first studies that a lot of folks have been donating money for the fight against AIDS that has actually shown promise. The researchers enrolled volunteers in Thailand’s Chon Buri and Rayong provinces, which have the nation’s highest rates of HIV, according to the study Web site. Subjects were given four doses of the ALVAC vaccine and two of the AIDSVAX shot over six months, then monitored for three years. They were also given condoms and advice on safe sex. The trial was funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Army Medial Research and Materiel Command.

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Is this great news? I am not really sure I can say that it is because some of the Thai volunteers contracted the virus and that can’t be a good thing for their family and themselves. That had to be a strange conversation over dinner. Hey family I donated my body to science and their is a likelihood that I may contract the virus. I am all for scientist but damn there is no insurance policy for your family if your body is used and than bammm your the study that went totally wrong unless you already have the virus. On occasion I have seen local ads in the Baltimore and Washington City Paper for AIDS study volunteers. Mad respect and a big kudos to the Thai volunteers but I am curious what lured them to volunteer to commit to such a study. This makes me think there is something going on in China with their willingness to use their bodies for exhibitions and now this study to find the cure for AIDS? Who knew…

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