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Did you know that you can use the Windows Snipping Tool to capture screen shots?  It is a tool that can be found within Vista. I am not for certain if it is came within previous Windows platforms. It is very easy to screen capture the image when using the snipping tool. It will not hog your hard-drive when you save the image in different formats. It is a very cool tool! It is very easy to use to snip anything. The snipping tool is especially useful when your surfing the Internet. When your surfing and you notice something to screen capture on a website that has disable right-click; that is when the snipping tool can come in handy . I use the Snipping Tool to capture one of my digital images as an example for you to review the tool in action. Very cool tool to use and is included within Vista. Nowadays who has deep pocket to spend $799 on  Adobe Captivate 4 software. The Windows Snipping Tool is the next best thing to use for capturing whatever your heart desires.

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