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YouTube up loaders may not have control over whether their videos will be available in a free format. Only YpuTube videos that are declared popular by Google would be available in WebM, however only videos that are HD in 720p or greater format will be viewable in WebM. It may be in the best interest of the YouTuber to make better videos that don’t suck for uploading to YouTube.

There is buzz on the Internet street that all new videos uploaded to YouTube in WebM will be available in WebM,  giving YouTube uploaders the ability to make sure their videos can be viewed in a free format using HTML5.

If you’re a YouTuber, make sure your your videos don’t use annotations,don’t display ads, and are uploaded in WebM to ensure they will be viewable in without Flash or h.264. Additionally, it may take a while after the video has reportedly finished processing before the WebM version is available.

Note this is an new area for me to explore. A lot of work goes into creating a quality video. I am fascinated with the ability to upload self made videos to YouTube and I hope you are too! Check out Theora another open source tool used for Internet content delivery.

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