WTF Moments | ‘If You See Someone Raping Us, Please Call The Police’

While folks are tuned into reality shows, our kids are being violated at the hands of pedophiles. I can’t wrap my head around the thought of a 10 year old baby being raped by a university football coach nor fathom the thought of walking by a bathroom stall anywhere a burly, pregnant looking, wrinkled, smelly [...] [Read More]

WTF Moments | Deutch Bank Eviction 103 and 83 Year Old Women

Most folks will not be privy to view a individual over the age of 35-104 years old. One must be cognizant that one day they too may face the same plight as a 103-year-old Atlanta woman and her 82-year-old daughter are facing. Channel 2 Action News reports movers hired by Deutch Bank, and sheriff’s deputies arrived at [...] [Read More]

Happening Around Town | Big Brother is Tracking License Tags

While folks were fighting for overpriced items on black friday at Walmart, hanging out on Occupy streets around the country and preparing to stuff themselves with turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. Big Brother is tracking license tags with an investigative tool. A system tracking tool of the coming and goings of anyone driving around the District. [...] [Read More]

Monetize your Photography

  Professional publishers: Stipple lets you label and monetize the content inside the pictures on your sites. If you are a professional publisher who uses photography, say, a catalog, or a site that mostly is photo-based, like how do you monetize your images? Stipple has an answer. Stipple is an in-picture labeling tool that allows publishers [...] [Read More]

Digital Photo of the Day | Justin Combs is Going to UCLA

The Combs’ issued a press release Tuesday through a Manhattan-based PR firm, DKC, which might mark the first time in history a two-star recruit has issued a press release to confirm his commitment. Check out Justin Combs defensive film on the field.: “Today I am truly blessed and thankful to accept my scholarship and give my full commitment to UCLA. Playing [...] [Read More]

#Luxury #Soap spotted $3.99 to $9.99

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#Deal of the Day goes to #Palm Restaurant 45 piece #Entertaining Set

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TTYL…going to live in the real world to bring you some more #TEA!

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Republicans Don’t Give A Damn About Hispanics, White and Brown Men

Tonight I listen to the CNN Republican National Security Debate. If I was an Hispanic individual that lived in the United States for 20 plus years I would be very salty about having to leave a country that I call home. Justsaying you better think twice before you cast your vote for any of the [...] [Read More]

Got Klout?

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