R.I.P. | Twitter Digital Celebrity Death Campaign

Digital Death Campaign – Celebrities have given their last tweet and testament to raise awareness and $1 Million dollars. Repost This Article [Read More]

Blacknewswomen Goes Natural and Kick The Perm To the Curve

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Book | Dear First Lady Obama, I love Your Dog.

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Prepare for the Second Act by Reinventing Yourself

Women who are reinventing themselves are similar to a bare mannequin. Ready to dress the women in the mirror in clothing, paint the face, add an expression and become the women you always wanted to become. Put back on the arms, the legs and the fierce face. Prepare for the second act by reinventing yourself! [...] [Read More]

thephotographer4you | Roy Cox Advice To Models

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WATCH | Career Advice – Graphic and Creative Designers and Directors

Dan Hanrahan, famed graphic designer and creative director in Hollywood and a few other shares their advice on how best to achieve a successful career in graphic design and the entire creative world. Those looking to start or further a creative career will benefit greatly from Dan’s insightful answers to the following questions: “What can you advice [...] [Read More]

Happening Around Town | December 1 World AIDS Day

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Fierce Women | Charlotte In Couture

Getting older seem very appealing…great article! Repost This Article [Read More]

WATCH | Civil Unions: A Love Story

Youtube video description…Because, at the end of the day, gay couples deserve to be just as naive, corny, impetuous, bitter and f**d up about marriage as straight couples are. Civil Unions are not exactly a straight, gay or transexual union….it is a civil union between two people. Repost This Article [Read More]

Montana Fishburne Comes Clean and Spill the Dirt With Black Men

Montana Fishburne is not going anywhere anytime soon….determine to become successful and despite what we naysayers say about her bust onto the scene with porn. Montana Fishburne comes clean and spill the dirt With Black Men. Ole girl is looking like quite the video vixen on the cover of a popular men magazine. Good for [...] [Read More]

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